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Refreshing JNat Slurry


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Happy New Year everyone,

For those of us finishing on Japanese naturals, do you refresh the slurry on the last stone, and if so at when in the process? Do you do the same for all finishers or are they different?

I've seen posts here and there, but no thread with refreshing slurry as a main topic or answering the questions, though there could be one somewhere.

Thanks much!

Cheers, Steve
By the time I'm at the finishing stage I've never noticed a difference in edge when refreshing say a koma or tomo slurry.
I do however frequently refresh my botan or if for some reason I'm using a dmt to raise slurry I often raise a second and thinner slurry for final finishing.

Depending on which stone I finish on I change the amount and thickness of the slurry. This seems to create the biggest difference in final edge smoothness and keenness for me.
As stated above, I've noticed recently refreshing the botan more than twice is advantageous. I've refreshed tomo slurry several times and I let it break down on the last time so it smooths the edge out, but I don't have enough experience yet to know if it really made a difference or not. I would like to think it did.
Like Jeremy said I will usually raise a tomo slurry + stay on that same slurry until finish....if I do any refreshing it's usually earlier on in the progression, with botan and/or tenjou...
I like to refresh the tomo once or twice. I raise the slurry on the center of the stone, then raise some more on the end of the stone(out of the way of the honing) so I can scoop the fresh slurry into the mix. Got that tip recently from a friend. More tomo work gives me shinier more refined looking bevels, they seem to shave smoother also. ANd with the dmt Im with brooksie, I do the same thing with the slurries, progressively less slurry progression.
I refresh if needed, I know what to do when I look at the bevel with my scope.
In general harder tempered razors require more than one dilution, but most blades work fine with just one.
I usually refresh all of my slurry twice. I do this because Im not sure if the first slurry broke down too quick and would rather be sure that enough work has been done at that level. I might try doing less refreshing later on to see if it has any difference.
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