Refilling Old Spice After Shave bottles

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    That won’t work on this type of bottle since it’s not a removable stopper

  1. Surprised no one has mentioned vintage Avon Spicy as an alternative to Shulton Old Spice. Lots of it still floating around much cheaper than Shulton OS.
  2. the removable stopper was on the talc powder Not the a/s.... the a/s used a baster to fill.
  3. Both my vintage bottles of AS and Talc have those metal caps that are not removable so not sure how to replace the talc, the AS is easy as I have done it once but the talc is a different story
  4. have you considered one of the really small funnels like you can get from dollar tree or another dollar store? just make sure it slightly smaller than the opening you dont want a seal on the top because it wont work without room to "breathe"
  5. Yup.
    Scent is perhaps the strongest of memory triggers.
    The strong chamomile component in Chatillon Lux "Pure Lavender" AS immediately takes me back to playing with my cousins in my grandfather's hay barn.
  6. That would be a tiny tiny funnel.
  7. Ok they make them that tiny.
  8. The little bitty syringe did NOT work for the talcum powder — it just wouldn’t suck it up into the chamber. Thinking about how the metal cap went on at the factory, I’m guessing a good try would to be try to use the side of a wooden block to push the metal cap off again. If that doesn’t work then if next try to pry the metal cap out on its bottom end, with a thin screwdriver?

    Brainstorming at this point.
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    There are 2 kinds of talc bottles. One is smaller and has a removable plastic plug. The bigger bottle doesn’t. The ones with plastic plugs, usually full, occasionally go for low prices if you watch on the bay.

    I have not tried to pry off the metal cap version, but I would assume the risk of breaking the bottle is a concern. They go for a reasonable price as well. All my talc bottles have been part of a lot that I bought for the vintage aftershave or cologne. Vintage OS is the only way to go! Keep your eye out and deals pop up.
  10. I suspect that the bottles with the metal cap were crimped on at the factory after filling. It would be difficult to remove the cap without risking glass breakage.
  11. i agree you are risking breaking the bottle by messing with the crimp it may just be better to do as others on here have suggested and look for one with the removable plug, but like i said depending on how big the opening is they make very tiny funnels that might work for refilling but remember like i previously said you want it to have " breathing room"around the funnel so it is able to go in... also another thing to try you were trying to "suck up" the powder,don't, just remove the plunger and fill the syringe with powder and then put plunger back and "inject" the powder slowly into bottle..... worth a shot (no pun intended)before you try messing with the crimped lid.
  12. like the razor pic i have a red tip also. a red tip c1 1957 among many others :)
  13. Of course. Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin. $4.49 bottle. And no, they won't ship it.

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