Refilling Old Spice After Shave bottles

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by MississippiTom, May 8, 2019.

    I recently found out that the older glass Old Spice bottles can be found on the Bay, so I acquired two AS bottles and one talcum powder bottle. -- I like the heft of these old glass bottles.

    Lo and behold, the AS bottles still had juice in them! I enjoyed the "Real Stuff" for a while until it ran dry, and then decided to refill the glass bottle with some new Old Spice liquid. Using a crafts syringe, I easily transferred the AS to the glass bottle, and now continue to enjoy using that old Glass bottle! What the heck, I decided to do the same with the talcum powder bottle, using an ice pick to pry off the stopper; poured in some Clubman Talc, popped the stopper back on, and voila' still enjoying both of the Glass bottles now! (photo enjoyment provided)

    FYI: I think the vintage Old Spice smells better than the new off-the-shelf version, despite it being the decades old remnants of somebody else's shave Kit.

  1. Ad Astra

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    Those are classic shave memorabilia …. you DO have the OS shave mug and coffee cup? :001_tongu

    I want the OS cannon ...

    and yeah: vintage aftershaves are better. More good stuff in them, less water/alky.

  2. ajkel64

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    Cool man, I like it when we re-purpose stuff and those Old Spice bottles are pretty neat. Good job.
  3. When I think of all those bottles my father went through....

    Who knew vintage shaving products would become a thing?
  4. Yup! One could have gotten rich off my grandfather's Prince Albert cans that he threw out over the decades.

    @MississippiTom Thanks for sharing.
  5. Don't even get me thinking about all those thrown-away baseball cards. Maaaaa!!!
  6. I used to have Old Spice aftershave and an Old Spice clipper ship mug from back in the day. However, before I got involved in the renaissance if traditional wet shaving, those items were discarded. I tend to be a pack rat (much to my wife's displeasure), so I tend to keep anything with potential utility. I am now disgusted with myself for not keeping those items.

    Like many young men who came of age during the 60s, I also had bottles of English Leather, British Stirling, Brut, and Jade East. Although modern versions of each can still be found, none match the scents that linger in my memory.
  7. Yeah I'm looking for an after shave that smells like the original old grandfather wore it and was thinking of him and wanted to smell it again......
  8. Great collection!! :a14::a14:
  9. @jaro 101969 : I see three options:
    1. Buy old supplies off eBay at reasonable prices
    2. Buy Old Spice imported frim India
    3. Try the knock off stuff at Family Dollar

    Another option is to play Mad Scientist and try mixing new Old Spice with other items to improve it. I’m sure someone here has tips on this for the group.
  10. Family dollar didn't have it they have brut and aqua velva knockoffs I went to several of them.
  11. Thanks for the feedback—I found the same thing today at my local Family Dollar.
  12. yeah i have till yet to see a knock off old spice........anywhere...
  13. Meijer sells a version of OS.
  14. I have heard good things about these being 'close' to the original.

    B&M Spice aftershave splash.
    Stirling Spice aftershave splash
    Soap Commander Endurance aftershave splash.
  15. I use a BBQ Meat Marinade Syringe for transferring into those OS bottles. It is much faster than using that small syringe!

  16. I would like to know how to fill the talc powder bottle
  17. I just grabbed a thin ice pick and stick it in the stopper hole enough to pry the stopper out—stopper is soft plastic so no worry about damage to it. I then made a minor mess pouring Clubman talc into the bottle; a funnel would have helped here. Then just push the stopper back in and you’re in business again. Here’s a pic of the stopper on my OS talc bottle, in case there’s different types.

  18. Outstanding idea Mike, thanks for sharing that! (It did take forever with the little syringe!)
  19. meijer is location specific though so unless you are in an area with one you are SOL.. thanks anyway

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