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Rediscovered Namiki Elite

Several years ago I transitioned to using just my piston fill pens, which for me meant using just Pelikan and on rare occasions Montblanc. Some of this had to do with ink capacity and the rest was just a personal preference. Today I was rooting around in a box filled with the retired pens for a friend who wanted to give fountain pens a try, when I found this Namiki. I had cleaned the nib before storage, so it just needed to be re-inked (with Pelikan Edelstein) to write again. The silver barrel and cap had years of tarnish that came off easily. With the cap on it's a shade over 5.5 inches and weighs 40 grams. It has a fine 18k nib and is a crazy smooth writer.

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Where do , or did you buy your pens ?
I've always lived in and around NYC and started going to Fountain Pen Hospital with my grandfather as a teen in the 1960s. While I haven't bought a pen in some time, I buy ink on Amazon and peruse at eBay from time to time as well.
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