Red Velvet has joined us this afternoon!

Discussion in 'Stone Cottage Shaving' started by MilfordNJGuy, Oct 24, 2018.

    Today, I finally got to put together this creation for Stone Cottage Premium Shaving Creams! I have been wanting to combine Amber and Carnation and I found the ingredients I wanted to use! I did some experimenting while mixing these together but in the end, my original scent formula worked out to be the perfect way to go! This is our 31st New Scent!

    Red Velvet – Red Velvet begins with an Oriental base of Amber with notes of light Sandalwood and powdery Musk then is joined by the floral notes of Red Carnations. To this complimentary notes of sweet and spicy Cloves are added making this a sweet and velvety creation.

    I am very pleased with the results! I hope you are too! They are available in our Sample Packs!

    Shaving Cream Sample Pack

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