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Red-tip superspeed restoration

I have a red-tip superspeed, and I use it a lot. The razor is in great shape except there's some loss of the paint on the end. I'm thinking about trying to touch this up with some enamel, but I'm concerned that I might just mess it up. Maybe I'm better off leaving it alone? Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations? Thanks.
Someone also recently did this with some model paint and a fine brush with very good results - I think they also mentioned which colour of paint they used - its an extremely close match (they showed pictures).
I have one which I quite like to use in my rotation. To touch up the red tip I used nail polish. Not quite the same colour as the original, but close enough for me.
The Red Tip is my favorite razor, and I used a "naked" one this morning that has NO red paint. It had very little paint left on it when I got it, and I cleaned and polished it up and in the process most of the rest of the paint came off. The razor is now very shiny, provides a great shave, and looks kind of cool without it's paint.

I also have a Fatboy that I use that has brassing on the handle to the extent it's kind of three-tone - silver, brass and gold. Again, I like the look. I appreciate the minty looking razors, but I think these shiny "weathered" razors have their own special character and are kind of cool. Of course, YMMV! :wink:

I have a few of these razors. The neat thing is, my razor had a lot of the paint worn off, so I decided to strip all the remaining paint off of it with "Poly Stripper". Just soaked the end in the stuff for a few minutes, wiped off and rinsed. I actually prefer the look of the razor without the painted knob. I like them all chrome, no paint. Kind of looks like a regular flare tip SS, but larger handle and different grip.
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