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Red Tip SS - Can you identify it without the paint?

Can a Red Tip SS be identified without the paint? I've seen a SS for sale, but can't tell if it's a regular SS or a red tip SS with the red paint rubbed off. Is there a way to tell the difference by photo, or do you really need the red paint to distinguish it? There seems to be a lot of difference in the handle between Red Tip and Blue Tip SS, but Red Tip and Normal SS look to the the same?

I saw this one, and thought I could see some remnants of red paint in the grooves of the handle, but it could just be grime.

Anyway have any ideas if you can tell them apart without looking at the paint on the tip?

$4-12-13 4-22-03 PM.jpg
My judgement says that it is a regular flare tip Super Speed.

My reasoning for this is the conical frustum looking area between the knurling and the razors head. It doesn't seem angular enough there to be a red tip.

Also I believe the red tip handles were wider overall than the flare tip handles.
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Sorry, think I have answered my own question. The handle is different between all three. The knurling on the red tip is much deeper than the normal flare tip.

Thus the one pictured is indeed a normal flare tip.
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