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Red Tip Revisited

I first tried a Gillette Red Tip last year and was disappointed with it. It left my neck irritated and I figured it must have been too aggressive for my skin. So I sold it and decided to stick to milder razors. This year I got a Gillette Slim and found that it gave me a good shave at a 5. So I thought that maybe my technique was to blame for my issues with the Red Tip (I had been DE shaving for a couple months at the time). So last month got one from Ebay and gave it another shot.


What a difference a year made :001_cool:. I shaved with it for a couple weeks and like it better than the Slim. The extra weight and shorter handle make it easier for me to use plus I get great shaves with it. The only issue I have is the head makes it more difficult to shave under my nose. This razor is a keeper for me.

Overall it was good lesson in getting my technique down before jumping into new products.


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Happy its working for you. Looks like a nice low-mileage Red Tip!

Overall it was good lesson in getting my technique down before jumping into new products.

Or a lesson to save products to try later on down the road. I've done this with a soap or two -- sold them then repurchased.
I still find the Red Tip to be a mild shave, like my other Gillette Super Speed razors. I own two of them, and I just find them to be classically on par with my Super Speed from the 50's. Maybe I should revisit them as well...
Good job on the re-visit...it looks very nice :thumbup1: glad it has worked out good for you.

The Red tip is such a classic, excellent design and durability, IMO one of the best Gillette TTO designs.
I've had mine (a 56') since 1967, was my dad's prior to that.
Still in my rotation, and used it this morning.
Yeah, I used to not get very good shaves with the Red Tip until I practiced with it.....
now I get close nick free shaves when it's loaded with a good blade..... glassy smooth
finishes after the touch ups. I used to fear it, but not so anymore!
I think it is very user friendly and a razor you can use without having to be careful with like an Old Type. Just lather up and do your passes. An Astra SP, Crystal or Feather seem to be blades that work well for me in the two I currently have.
I also love my Red Tip. It gives me excellent, close, shaves. The secret is to let the razor do the work and not use excessive pressure, which we should be doing anyway. I just finished up 5 great shaves with mine again two days ago.

I had the exact same experience as the OP. Love my red tip now, plus it belonged to my father, so an heirloom to boot.
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