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Red Tip Repaint Anybody???

Has anybody ever tried repainting the red tip on their Gillette? What did you use if so? Tempera? Acrylic? Spray? What color matches? Should I leave it alone?

Opinons would be appreciated. Thanks!
I have a method? I thought it was just madness.

I've used Krylon International Harvester Red to get a good match. I believe Iron John also likes the results with the IH red.

I used the spray can, but just sprayed in to a paper cup and used the resulting liquid right over the existing paint, applied with a high tech Q-tip.

A brush would be better, as the Q-tip might leave cotton fibers on your Red Tip.

Two original Red Tips next to the one on the right that I touched up.

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What about masking, applying a tac-coat, letting it dry then spraying directly to finish the product? Just afraid of over spray?
I actually rolled out some model paint. Not quite as dark but since I plan to keep these razors...um...forever, it looks great to me. Adds a new luster and just a bit of "newness" all together to the razors.
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