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Red Dot Fatboy ID guide for spotting them in the wild.

Hopefully this will help someone else to score this elusive critter.

Here is what you're looking for.

It might just barely register in the wild.

And lighting conditions/angle might produce an effect that makes your heart skip a beat, only to find that it's just a regular fatboy.

For extra certainty, check for other tell-tale signs.

Bless you Amish. What an excellent post. Thank you kindly for taking the time to put that together. That makes is significantly easier to identify a red dot in the wild.
Very nice guide Amish,
just i want to add few pictures of Regular Fatboy and Red Dot..
Left one is Regular Fatboy -Right one is Red Dot.


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Very very handy information. Unfortunately, you have also just made it easier for saavy sellers to figure how they can jack their price up for their red-dot fatboys! :ohmy:

But it's great info for us to spot them now! Thanks! Great job, too. Very concise!
Apologies if not correct etiquette but I just wanted to say thanks for this, came in handy to bring down the price on a supposedly rare fatboy from an over zealous seller...
It's funny how, with any avocation, zealousness can easily override simplicity. Not unlike playing the 'Mousetrap' game, or asking an old guy on a porch for directions, you can be taken very far out of the way in your attempt to accomplish a very basic task.

The 'Red Dot' Fatboy has a painted red dimple on the handle, between the adjustment collar and the razor's head.

Now, for a dork who's known to be a bit verbose when he writes, I got that out of the way rather quickly, didn't I? Gotta love the passion! Ha! :smartass:
The 'Red Dot' Fatboy has a painted red dimple on the handle, between the adjustment collar and the razor's head.

Well, yes, that's the obvious feature that hopefully just goes assumed, but AMB's point in writing this up was to capture all of the other more easily missed differences since you frequently don't get a clear shot at the indicator in an auction photo. And there's not much better than snagging a gem that was hidden in plain sight.
i just purchased a regular 59' fat boy. its in great shape. I paid 15$ for it. I ran it through the ultra sonic and it cleaned up real nice.
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