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    I was wondering if anyone can recommend any of the Declaration Grooming soaps? I read these are good soaps so I'm looking for scent wise. Just looking for you guys opinion and descriptions on scent and fragrances.
  1. I have Neroli di Bois, Yuzu and Magnolia. I'd recommend all of them in an instant, especially the last two. Great scents, except they're all Grooming Dept....... At least "Grooming" is the same. Sold all my DGs.
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    As far as Declaration Grooming goes, I particularly like the Chatillon Lux collaborations in the bison tallow base. Haven't tried any of the new Icarus base. If either of the ones in stock appeal to you, I'd go for it.
  3. It’s always a toss up whether any given flavor will be in stock, but here’s my experience:

    I prefer the bison base. Icarus is still elite, but I get slightly better results from the bison base.

    Cuir d epice bison - awesome. Kind of smells like a much stronger version of c&e sandalwood.

    Bon Vivant bison - equally awesome, but out of stock everywhere. Smells like herbal liqueur (green chartreuse)

    Dirtyver Icarus - the scent is transcendent if you like masculine/vetiver/cold weather scents

    Contemplation Icarus- awesome performance, but hardly any scent. I think I got an old puck, because it is noticeably smaller than the container, diameter wise. I think it shrank, and lost a lot of scent.
  4. I mainly go for the overtly manly scents , just so you know that beforehand , but here are some of my experiences ....

    Darkfall maybe one of my favorite ones of his and I love it in the bison base and I would probably love it in the new Icarus bace as well. It is a almost burned wood but not too much of the burned eand lots of woody notes, and dank forest undergrowth andit's hard to describe but I just really love it, I think it has a vetiver... strong vetiver base component to it.

    I tried the new Shore soap in the Icarus base and I did not care for it. It just smelled to me like a little girl's candy Chapstick lipgloss fruity kind of flavor and nothing like any kind of beach that I know of. Maybe it's the Flavor of some brand of suntan lotion that everybody's connecting with the beach, I don't know.

    I tried Contemplation in the Icarus base, and it was interesting but not super special. But if you're looking for a fresh clean green type of sent that is not blooming flowers like the spring but it's not hot and roasting like the summer then this one might be your thing

    Dirtyver is a really nice vetiver scent, with some earthy undertones. Really like that one.

    I also like Trismegistus and cuir et epices.

    If I had to choose between the bases that he offers, I would probably go with the bison. The new Icarus is very nice but I just somehow like the bison a little bit better. But, tons of people are fawning all over the Icarus.

    Also, at, you can get samples of several DG scents.

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  5. I do not care for the Icarus Contemplation scent. The scent is pretty weak, so the underlying gamey funk is present. I have to air out the tub for an hour before shaving, On the other hand, the new Sellout scent is wonderful. It is modeled after Creed Aventus. If you like that type of cologne scent, you will like Sellout.
  6. Dirtyver
    Unconditional Surrender
    Fourth and Pine
    Cuir d’Espices
    After the Rain
  7. Colonia Balsamica was another CL collab that was pretty badass
  8. It might be difficult to find, but Southern Paradise (with menthol) is incredible. Smells like peach tea on a summer day. And the matching aftershave is stellar, too.
  9. I don't think you can go too wrong on the CL collaboration soaps. I have the majority of them, I think I am only missing Blackberry Blossom Bay.

    I like Champs de Lavande and Catalans Prairie the best. You can still find these on BST boards from time to time.

    Of the currently available ones, my favorites are Yuzu Rose Patchouli, Unconditional Surrender, Gratiot League Square and Colonia Balsamica. Of the retired ones, Rose Santal and Santal Auster are also very nice.

    I am far from the expert on the non CL scents, having only tried Darkfall so far but having samples of Dirtyver and Harmony to use yet.
  10. The Bison tallow Cuir et Epices is some delightful stuff. Shaved with it this morning. I love the scent.
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    Lots of great suggestions here. If you’re looking for a cologne scent, “Sellout” is wonderful. It’s in the Icarus Base.
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    I forgot I also have Darkfall in Icarus. The gentleman above described it well. It’s a fall/winter scent for sure.
  13. Chatillon Lux Gets my vote also
  14. I really like Trismegistus. The complex orange scent is terrific and so is the performance of the bison base. I see, however, that it is currently sold out.
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    Declaration's legacy bison base is my favorite soap, and I've got a ton. I believe I've got all of the scents he (or Chatillon Lux) has made in that base, except Southern Paradise and Original. I've got several Icarus base soaps as well, but they don't perform as well for me in my hand.

    I haven't met a Declaration bison soap with a scent I don't like. Scott has told me that he intends to use Icarus exclusively for new scents. If so, the number of scents available in the older base will be limited. I'm not concerned, in part because I like the legacy scents, but also because I've got backups for most of them, and backups of backups for several of them.
  16. Harmony (Icarus) is a powdery, nag champa scent. Bandwagon (original) is my favorite barbershop scent; it has a spicy quality to it that I really enjoy.
  17. Gratiot League Square is my go to winter scent paired with Chatillon Lux AS and EdT. It is a wonderful leather/tobacco scent with spices. This has become my everyday driver this winter. I get lots of compliments at work.

    Fourth and Pine is one of my favorite summer citrus scents. I also pair it with the matching Chatillon Lux AS and EdT.

    I believe you can get samples of both of these soaps through Maggards if you want to try before buying full tubs.
  18. Recently got my first DG soap, Sweet Lemon which is in the Icarus base. I am a lover of lemon scent so I am enjoying the set.
  19. From Harmony I get light spice and no Nag Champa. Bandwagon to me smelled like flowers on burning sheet metal.

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