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Recommendations for super/best badger brush

Hi, it's been a long while since my last post, but I was wondering what the recommendations are now for a super/best badger brush that's on the softer side. Ideally it should have some backbone but not too much of a fan. My budget is around £50 or so, and I wonder if that is perhaps too little!

I'm taken aback by the number of synthetic brushes on B&B, and on traditional brushmakers as well! My experience with the Kent Infinity Silvertex has been alright, but I'd rather go with a badger brush.

I have previously had a Vulfix Super Badger, presumably the 660.

I had my eye on the Kent H4, but it seems they only do synthetics now?

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The Simpson Commodore X2 or Duke 2 in best might be a good starting point for a nice brush from the UK @Ahmaq .
A little over your budget but still close!

You may get suggestions for cheaper Chinese brushes but I'm not going there for several reasons.
Simpson Commodore X2

The Semogue Ownerrs Club silvertip badger is a really good brush around that price point. It punches well above its cost, imho.
But I wouldn't be put off by the Kent Silvertex synthetic brush. I think most would agree it's far from being the best synth knot around. You might pick up one of the Simpson Platinum grade synth brushes for around £50, or a Muhle STF model. Both are really nice synth knots.
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