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Recommendations for next razor

I’ve been using a Feather AS-D2 for a while, and am generally pleased with it. I have been thinking that a slightly more aggressive razor might be just the ticket. My skin is fairly sensitive, so I want to stay on the mild end of the spectrum. What would be the recommendations for the next step up in aggressiveness? I would prefer to stay with stainless steel if possible. Razors which are readily attainable are preferred, but I would be glad to hear of any which you think would be suitable.
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Timeless SS Scallop or regular safety bar at the high end, Rockwell SS with 3 or 4 base plate mid range cost, excellent razor - my favorite but zamak head - DE 89 at low end cost range good luck
Yates 921-M (my best overall razor for my needs; mild feel yet so efficient)
Henson for mild feel yet magical efficiency (mild = minimal blade feel;needs 3 passes. medium = more blade feel but still mild; can get by with 2 passes + touchup)
Karve B or C plate (my personal favorite for aesthetic appeal and mellow shave feel; butter smooth as a Rockwell with a narrower head)
Razorock SLOC is a good tame mid range or a Razorock Game changer .84 is a mid range IMO. Henson also makes mild razors(AL13) that folks seem to like who have sensitive skin, medium Henson range should be a little more aggressive than your AS-D2 razor. I do not own a Henson AL13 but was thinking about them recently and was reading reviews about how seasoned shavers to greenhorns seem to like them. There are lot of razors on the market to make a decision harder to make, a bit over whelming. If you like vintage razors there is also a large selection of those to choose also..........
I do enjoy using my RR SLOC in with my large razor rotation of different razors.
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I moved from a Feather AS-D2 to an Above the Tie Windsor with an SSR plate. It was a very easy transition, but I also got a CM plate. The CM is now my daily driver, but now and then I use an R. Above the Tie has replaced the M, R, and H with MR and RH. I would try the MR if I were you, but I might also snag a CM plate if any are available. Their used items look brand new to me. If you like a short handle the barber pole is quite nice. I also have the Kronos. Again, I go back and forth, but either would be terrific every single day.


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If you could put up with brass, I can not recommend the Gillette New, Long or Short Comb, highly enough. TO ME! lol, the angle is intuitive....just gives a great, almost unthinking shave.

LOL: don't let the teeth fool you into thinking it's gonna bite you.

I'm sure SOMEONE here can tell you about an equally good stainless steel copy of that 100 year old razor!
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Muhle Rocca is a great razor that won't break the bank. Should be more efficient than the Feather while still being smooth.

The ATT Winsor is also a great suggestion already mentioned. I have the CR1 and SSRH plates and they are superb performers.

The EJ 3one6 is another great option.....similar in price and performance as the Rocca.
Great recommendations above!

Another option to consider would be the Merkur 34C, a fine razor in the ‘mild/moderate’ range. You might also consider something vintage, perhaps a Slim which is a fine shaver that is also adjustable.
I've been using DE razor since June of 2019. I bought my 34C about 2 months ago & the 34C has now become my most used & one of my favorite razor. I've yet to find a blade that doesn't work well on this razor. Although I mainly use it with sharp blades like the Nacet.
Great recommendations above!

Another option to consider would be the Merkur 34C, a fine razor in the ‘mild/moderate’ range. You might also consider something vintage, perhaps a Slim which is a fine shaver that is also adjustable.
Yes - did not think of vintage but a Slim would be excellent if you can find one in good shape.
I see many great recommendations here, and I have used several of the aforementioned razors.

For me the AS-D2 is still the best of the bunch. The grass is not always greener on the other side.
I want to thank everyone for the suggestions. I’m leaning towards the Windsor, but can’t spare the funds just yet. I have found a few bladeswhich work very well in the Feather, and a couple of acceptable ones. I realize I’ll have to go through the process with a new razor, but hey, a man needs a hobby, right? Cheaper than most any other “vice” I can think of!
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