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Recommendations for matching shaving soaps with classic fragrances

I am slowly working my way down the fragrance rabbit hole...
I have acquired some old and new classics and now I want to pair them with soaps.
I am not really into the whole matching the same brand soap and splash scene
(not that there is anything wrong with that). My preference is to pair my recent
acquisitions with classic soaps from England/Italy/Germany but I want to remain
open-minded about current artisan soaps too. So, here are six scents that I
recently acquired:

1) Ralph Lauren Safari (soap is virtually unobtanium)
2) Terre d' Hermes
3) Equipage Hermes
4) Eau Savauge Dior (older version)
5) Skye GFT (not old/classic but...)
6) Blenheim Bouquet Pen (soap is prohibitively expensive when found)

So, B&B frag-heads, a-romantics and olfactory wizards can you recommend an
old-school soap and/or cream as well as a new-school artisan soap/cream to
compliment each one of these aftershaves, balms and EdT's.

Old school soaps generally have a mild scent that rinses away and fades quickly. This whole idea of "soaps as colognes" is a fad created by the artisans. Notice how this trend helps sell a lot more soaps and matching aftershaves. It's a very convenient form of marketing-driven superfluous consumption. My advice would be to avoid falling into this entire way of thinking.

You can pair anything as long as it does not clash. Just experiment.

Totally agree with this. After two years of wet shaving and absurd soap and AS acquisition, I’ve come to realize that a good soap or two and a short lingering AS is all you need...and then you go down the fragrance rabbit hole!

anything by B&M, Grooming Dept. or Ariana and Evans should set you free as far as artisan soaps go.

I may never purchase another matching soap/AS set as long as I live.

frags forever!
Fine Accoutrements L’Orange Noir Shave Soap was designed to smell like Terre d' Hermes. It looks like it may have been discontinued as a quick search showed out of stock everywhere and it's not on Fine's website. Maybe do a WTB in the B/S/T section. I have the aftershave so I should have the soap. I looked through my stash and came up empty, but I'll keep looking just in case.
Is it really Terre d’Hermes? That’s interesting. I thought it was supposed to be Drakkar Noir or something. I guess I now know what TdH kinda smells like

I bought a puck when I heard the old Fine soap was discontinued. And I have a few sprays of an AS sample left.
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