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Recommendations for a more aggressive razor.

I have the King C. Gillette and I've honed my technique to where I (normally) don't shed blood.

Still, i don't get that BBS smooth shave that I got with my Schick Quattro.

So now it's time to move in to a more aggressive razor. That said, I'm wanting one that is at least a bit forgiving.

I'm looking to keep it under $30 and over $50 is a deal breaker.

The type of opening (TTO, 2-piece or 3-piece) is a non-issue.

I am open to anything else. Open comb, slant, adjustable.

A quick list of pros and cons would be über helpful.

Now it's time to go and get rid of my two day growth. With three passes or less! 🪒🪒🪒
Vintage Superspeed.

If you have at least six months of using a safety razor under your belt, & are goo with your hands, you could consider using your current razor with a little modification.
Razorock Lupo and Fatip would be good choices for your price range.

If you really want to keep it inexpensive, for under $10 you could try a Snmirn. Dubbed by some the "Baby Futur" it is an adjustable and not as aggressive as the Merkur Futur and its other clones. I do not have the Futur or QShave, but I do have the Snmirn. It feels tame and manageable even opened up all the way to 8.
@ewk suggestion of the $10 Snmrin is a good one; I bought one on a lark and it's an enjoyable, albeit different feeling for me, shave.

My first thought was a Gillette Slim adjustable. In the old days, Fatboy would have leapt off my keys, but I think they may be over $30 now. Using a vintage adjustable gives one the benefit of dialing in a setting you like, posting here what that setting is, and then getting any number of suggestions as to what razors will approximate that level of aggressiveness.
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Maybe look into the winning razor for a safe but efficient shaver. It's at the top of your budget, but you get a US made stainless steel razor. I admit that I didn't like it at first, but I didn't give up and am now being rewarded with great shaves. Use code " newclub " to get a discount to get it around $45 out the door.

It does give a better shave than the King C Gillette in my opinion, and I'm very fond of the KCG.
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Merkur 37C is a very good Slant Razor which is very good for a "Slant Beginner". I highly advise to get into the slant world. 37C fit perfectly to your purchase price limits.
The current R-41 is a great aggressive razor, many versions under $50, last time I looked. The razor used with a neutral angle is less aggressive than with a steep angle so you can determine how much blade forward/blade gap you want in a shave. That is my experience with this razor. It is well made, and should last years. Experiment and use with no pressure. Of course YMMV - Good Luck
Any razor should get to BBS with a three-pass WTG/XTG/ATG shave.

If you're looking for something which gets a little closer each pass, the Fatip Piccolo is a classic which gives a very smooth shave.
Try a more aggressive blade i.e. Feather

Source a vintage Schick Injector and go from there. Under your pricepoint all day long.
My preference and experience is vintage, and if going DE: SuperSpeed Red Tip, thick cap Old Type, Fat Boy (unless you're looking for a cased Fat Boy, I've picked up 5 over the past 18 months--2 @ $40, 1 @ $16 and two under $10) or Slim (readily found under $20). If going SE (my preference, and GEM PTFE blades are readily available 100 ~$25 online) look for a GEM MMOC or Clog Pruf, GEM or ER Lather Catcher, any GEM, Star, Ever Ready 1912 or 1914 -- all, with the exception of Lather Catchers are readily found under $20, all are smooth shavers (the MicroMatic Open Comb is probably the most aggressive/efficient, just use a light touch) but they all work really well. I've used Lather Catchers and Old Types to take off a month's worth of beard growth without breathing heavy, yet without drawing blood, but I'm sure there are some modern razors out there that work as well, just not as economically.
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