Recommendations: First "Premium" DE Razor Purchase

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by mousecop, Dec 17, 2018.

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    Excellent choice!

    I should add that I have the 95 SS SB, so the balance will require a lighter handle. Any Ti will work, especially given how much lighter the Ti head is...
  2. Yes, I am purchasing a TiBam handle on eBay. They make solid polished titanium handles at great prices. I am going to have the head polished by razoremporium!

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  4. Hope everyone enjoyed whatever Holidays that you and your families celebrate and any time off you guys might have!

    Just thought I'd update this thread for those curious. My original plan was to buy the Ti 95 head, polish it, and buy a separate third party ti handle. However, the deal I had for the complete razor, including the handle provided by timeless was too good and the price to polish it was more than I had expected. So for now, I purchased the Ti 95 with SB and scalloped head and handle. I will go ahead with the polish and separate handle in the coming months when I have a few extra dollars/sell some stuff :). Pics to come when it arrives!

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    Great thread and content from all contributors. Glad the OP has got what he wanted and fine piece it is indeed.
  6. Haven't forgot to update this thread with pics, I ordered the handle and cap from WCS and it still has not arrived! They are on their way but I'm so impatient, especially since I have the baseplate already!! I am expecting it to arrive tomorrow or Friday, in the meantime my insanity and impatience continue to grow :a48::a48:
  7. Is patience one of your strengths? LOL!
    Sorry it's taking so long, that's the hardest part, waiting!
  8. Timeless 0.68 is my daily driver and for me the best razor on the market. I also have the 0.95 base and love it as well.
  9. Congratulations on your choice! A bit late to add to the discussions, but based on your first post I just must recommend to at least try a Blackbird razor. With their return policy, there's really no risk at all.
    Maybe I just muddied the water here, I'm sure you'll enjoy your Timeless!
  10. WCS shipping has really made me lose a few hairs in anticipation of my timeless titanium. Praying for a delivery tomorrow!

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  11. For a first "premium" DE razor, perhaps a very good choice would be the Rex Ambassador from Razor Emporium. It is adjustable, so just the right aggressiveness/smoothness can be obtained, and it has a somewhat thick and very tactile handle. Not a bad choice IMHO.
  12. Finally, after much anticipation, I have all of the pieces! I will update with pics shortly and post a separate review!

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