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Recommendation on specific shave cream.

I was at a local market the other day where they sell a lot of organic items and I came across the Kiss My Face shave cream. They had quite a few scents and a couple that I though smelled nice. I've heard of this brand before but I don't know how well it performs. Have any of you gents tried this cream and did it perform well? Would anyone suggest I go pack an pick up a tube? Thanks everyone.
KMF gets talked about a lot on this forum. A quick search will probably provide you with more posts than you can slog through in a week. I haven't used it, myself, so I can't offer any input. A lot of gents here like it, though.
It's pretty good. I used the vanilla. Doesnt quite perform as well as Taylors or T&H, but is a significantly better value.
I like it a lot.

The unscented is great for making superlather with your favorite soap.
But it is good enough to use alone. Very nice, and very cheap.
I like it and am partial to the mint in the summer. Very easy to lather and can also be used brushless. It works well in hard or soft water. Makes for a great super lather combo with any saop.
I tend to enjoy the Lime in the summer. It performs well and is definitely a good value. Definitely face lathers well and is also good if you like superlather. You can find far worse in your grocery store/natural foods store (Herban Cowboy...cough...cough...).
It is a rather unremarkable shave cream overall, but it lathers like crazy as noted above. Lubrication and softening of the whiskers is average at best. The scents smell nice and it's easy to use, so it gets points there.

I think it's a decent product for a newbie in the learning stage due to ease of use.

Down the road you'll probably move to another product, but I think almost everybody has this stuff and uses it at least occasionally --I do.

-- John Gehman
This stuff lathers like a champ and I never even used it with my badger brush. I used a Bristle Brush with it back in cartridge days. Cheap. Get the Vanilla or Lime.
I've used KMF Lavender and Shea. Nicely scented, not overpowering, lathers well and felt moisturizing enough. Also reasonably priced for the amount that you get. Give it a try!
It is my save-a-shave cream. It sits on the corner of the tub (my gf uses it for her legs) and if I'm having lather problems that day I grab the KMF and give a pump into the bowl. Lather saved. The Limes also makes a nice superlather with Trumpers Coconut. For the price it is definitely worth keeping some around, IMO.
I really like it, granted I'm new, so I've only used a few products but it is really great.
Lathers great and is pretty slick.
I use the patchouli but some don't like that scent. Everyone else likes a different scent, so I think it's a testament to the fact that KMF has such an array of great scents.
I have some unscented, and also mix it in with soap lather when I can't improve the quality otherwise. Have also used it on its own and it lathers like an explosion. Very slick (careful not to drop razor after using it)
I found that it lathered easily and had average cushioning ability. It was gentle on the skin as well. Only thing slightly lacking to me was lubrication.
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