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Recommendation on citrus soap

Looking for a recommendation on a citrus scent soap that should be fresh and not too overwhelming.
Will of course look through other theeeads in this area, but suggestions are welcome.

I am currently using (among others) Cold River Soap Works - Citrus Shave Soap in their Select version. Love the scent and is a Top Five (maybe Top Three) soap. Great performer, great post shave feel.
Other than lime, I am not typically going for super citrus type scents. However, the Colonia by Asylum Shave Works is about as good as an aqua di colonia type scent can get. Think Aqua Di Parma and their Colonia scent. Very complex but absolutely no doubt the lemon and citrus is the star. Phil has done well to have SV make this up for him. I went through an entire cake and that is no easy feat! It lasts.


I’m not a fan
The new T&S "West Indies" is predominantly orange with the additional complex bay/spice scent.
Mikes Orange/Cedar/Black Pepper is predominantly orange scent.
The new MdC "Argumes" is pure fresh lemon.
Castle Forbes lime is technically a cream, but a very firm cream and one of the purest & concentrated lime scents out there.

All of the above are also outstanding performers
I started using up my Captain's Choice samples, starting with lime. It's a very genuine lime, in my opinion. Excellent product. Another great citrus is TOBS grapefruit, which is also a good performer.

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Hard Soap
D.R. Harris Windsor - orange/bergamot/vetiver/elemi
D.R. Harris Arlington - citrus/neroli/fern
(Both are rather light, but quite refreshing, ime.)

Trumper's GFT
Blenheim Bouquet
Beaver Woodwright Thomas Tew ; bright orange
Country Club for Men; Clementine ; another bright orange
CRSW Citrus; more of a muted orange scent
I like em all
Italian Barber's Amici has the scent of grapefruit, oranges and lemon. I don't find that the scent is overwhelming, and at $2.99 USD, you aren't broke if you don't like it.
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