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Recommendation for wireless mouse for laptop

I need a recommendation for a wireless mouse for my IBM laptop.

I am thinking optical and with the wheel thingie! Whadayathink?
I have a Logitech--forget the model--which I like a lot, esp. the ergonomic design. Battery life is not so hot though.
I would never go for a wireless mouse or keyboard. Those things eat batteries (unless you take rechargeable mice) and don't provide any real useful benefit to me. It doesn't happen that often that I need to navigate my laptop or computer from a longer distance than my keyboard/mouse provides but even then an extension cable would help.
Being cable free is great and I would second a Logitech rechargeable. The Logitechs always feel so right.
We have a mouse for our laptop with a retractable cord so it doesnt get in the way. I'd go with optical too.
I have to say that not having a cord in the way is just great.

It reminds of some other tech advances that I--and others--did not immediately see the advantages of:

color TV/computer monitors/cell phone & PDA screens vs. B&W--could/would you ever go back?

word processing programs vs. typewriters--I still have nightmares about making a typing mistake on p. 3 of a 20 pp. paper, and having to retype the entire thing!

remote controls vs. getting up to turn the channel--a no brainer

cordless phones vs. corded--another life changer

remote car lock opener vs. keyed entry--I'm waiting for this to become a standard option for homes and offices, too

Feel free to add your own!:biggrin:
I use a cordless keyboard and mouse for my office computer. I would never go back to corded products. I have the microsoft combo and they do not eat up batteries.
Only time I would use a mouse personally is when the only pointing device on the laptop is one of those silly "eraser mouse" types like the IBM thinkpads are notorious for.

On my Dell, I just use the touchpad. If you turn off pointer acceleration, and jack up the sensitivity a bit, it's pretty easy to get fine control out of. Pointer acceleration is the enemy of accurate mousing, in my opinion.
I bought a wireless mouse for my laptop (simple Microsoft two-button with wheel), and honestly, I think it's not the better option for a laptop. I quickly put it on my desktop box, and started using a USB mouse on the laptop.

My reason was that I STILL had to plug in the mouse's receiver to the laptop (which was about the size of the mouse itself in this case), so I just found it easier to have one simple device with one cord. I did look at the small wireless mice with the receivers that are about the size of a memory key, but that just seems like something waiting to get lost.

I just think it's simpler to get a USB mouse for use when you don't want to use the touchpad on the laptop (or whatever you have).

I have a logitech rechargable mouse & keyboard. I haven't changed the batteries since I bought it. That was over a year ago.
I use the Microsoft wireless intellimouse. Its a desktop mouse but works great for me on the laptop. Has 4 buttons plus the wheel that also does side scroll. It was $15 and the batteries lasted about a year with everyday use. the Reciever is a little bulky but you can hide it behind the laptop. Has over a 6ft range. they do make a laptop version bu i havent used that so i can not vouch for it.

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