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Recommendation for nice Spring/Summer pants

First a bit about my budget/tastes.

I have a taste for nice fabrics. ie I for winter-wear I prefer a high quality heavy-weight wool to polyester/nylon.

I have a solid winter/fall wardrobe selection, and I'm basically set in that regard.

However, my summer/spring wardrobe could use a few more pair of pants. Something that has a light spring/summer weight to it. I'm looking for something that's high in quality but not necessarily a brand name that can command a $500+ price tag. I'm probably looking to spend, at most, $200 a pair, and that's *if* the quality is excellent.

Any recommendations on brands?
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Bonobos summer weight chinos are very good quality. Slim fit is excellent for me nice taper not too tight. No pocket flare. They have a nice selection of colors, they run $88 but sales happen occasionally


Stumpy in cold weather
where are you wanting these pants to be in terms of dress/informal/casual/mowing-the-lawn sort of criteria? Will you wear them with a blazer and tie, or with flip-flops at the beach?
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