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Recommend newbies something from Amazon $10-12.

Let's say someone new has the "basic" set-up. DE razor, brush, bowel/mug, a puck of soap, a tube of shaving cream and a sample pack of razors, and one aftershave. What would you recommend this person to buy off Amazon that would be in the $10-12 range?
Head over to Stirling's web site, lots of great soaps in the $5-10 range. Their aftershaves, more lotions and balms than splashes, are supposed to be really good too, and inexpensive. Some will be in my next order from them.
Any of the following:

A big Omega boar brush.
A tub of Proraso.
A tub of Cella.
100 Astra SP Blades
A bottle of Witch Hazel
A 4oz bottle of Ogallala Bay Rum ($15)
I am so excited now!:w00t:
amazon has 3 pack of nivea shave balm original for around $8 !!!!!
They are usually $5 per bottle in B&M stores, so at $8, it's a real bargain.

Take advantage while they have it on sale!

here's the link

you just subscribe to their subscribe and save program. Once you get the order in your hand, you are allowed to cancel the subcription anytime and it's easy too. Just a click of a button.

they also have this newew looking balm, that is supposedly pretty good on sale as well.
3 pack for $7.67. Again, subscribe, and cancel when you get your item.
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