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Recommend me a Sweet Vermouth


"Can't Raise an Eyebrow"
Please recommend me a sweet Vermouth, I know Nolly Prat (sp?) makes a dry vermouth, but do they make a sweet one? What are your suggestion?
Dolin is Rouge is very good for sure. Carpano Antica is also very, very good and makes for rich, flavorful Boulevardiers, Manhattans, and Negronis. A bit sweeter is Carpano Punt e Mes. I always have both on hand.

Cocchi Vermouth di Torino is on my list to try. Their Americano (white wine) is outstanding so I hold great hope for the di Torino.

And because a list of suggestions isn't done until it's over done, another I haven't tried but should be good (because their dry is) is Vya.
I think that sweet vermouths and the ways the ways they are used may be less critical than drys. That said, I am a critical dry vermouth user and find Gallo very satisfactory for mixed drinks -- including straight up dry martinis -- and cooking, and good value. It has been a while since I have used their sweet, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.
+1 for Carpano Antica. There isn't a mixed drink this can't improve. I love it with Fee Black Walnut bitters in a Rye Manhattan
Stock is my preference over cinzano, Gallo or martini and Rossi. Noilly Pratt is also good but costs 2-3 times as much and is harder to find.
Carpano Antica Formula is tops in my book. I also think Vya (made in California) is very good if you can find it. Next up behind them is Martini and Rossi. I like to drink Punt E Mes as an apertif but not so much in cocktails.
I prefer Martini & Rossi sweet. I find Cinzano and Noilly Pratt a bit flat. That said, IMO there is no substitute for Noilly Pratt dry.
+2 for Carpano Antica. It stands alone, but is outstanding in a nice rye Manhattan. Throw in a Luxardo cherry and your set for an evening..
Carpano Antica
Cocci di Torino
Punt e Mes

All rotate through my cabinet. Lately Punt e Mes has gotten several repeat visits. Technically a vermouth/amaro blend.
+5 Carpano Antica....Just wish it came in airplane size bottles. (I actually think Vermouth sellers don't sell the bottles smaller on purpose) :(
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