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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by snip3r, Apr 21, 2015.

    Dear all,

    After 5 years, my EJ89 ( first DE ) thread just gave way and I'm looking at one to replace it. I tried emailing EJ but no response at all.

    Other DEs in my arsenal
    - Gilette Slim
    - Merkur Slant

    I'm looking at either
    - a R41 2013 - O.C
    - another slant? Vintage or Ikon ?

    I read that all current production razors ( i.e EJ, Muhle , Merkur ) are all using Zamak.

    If you guys in my position, do you still want to get the any of the TRIO listed above?

    Pls advise. Thanks
  1. TexLaw

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    Not all currently produced razors are Zamak. There are a good number of stainless steel and some aluminum options out there, but you'll be reaching deeper into your pocket for them. The SS ones won't give out on you, though!
  2. Well depending on what you want... more aggressive, same aggressive, open comb, brass (vintage), adjustable....
    for vintage I vote for Gillette slim. Price point isn't as crazy as a fat boy and cheaper than modern adjustables.
    for new production but not crazy expensive, again an adjustable, the progress. I own a mergress from Lee's and it's great. Same as progress just custom know and calibrated.
    For the money, I've heard great things about above the tie. SOLID STAINLESS steel. And if you order one and find the baseplate to be too aggressive, he has a great policy to return and trade in for a more mild, aggressive, whatever. Lots of praise for ATT.
    They have mild, regular, heavy, closed comb, open comb and slant versions. I've been told if you email him he is a lot of help to picking what you want. For cheaper I'm sure you could get just the baseplate and cap and use another handle, but that could also be a hassle and having to pay for a different handle to be shipped from a different vendor.
    Anyway maybe if you're more specific as to what you want people could help more. I.E. do you want it the same aggression as the EJ? Stuff like that.
    good luck with the hunt!!
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  3. Actually I wanted an R41 ( I have not tried this before ).
    EJ89 is too mild for me but it's a good starter.
    I'm pretty happy with the slant.
    I already have the Gilette Slim and I feel OK with it.

    R41 to have more variety? At least it's an OC which I do not have since I already got a Slant and an Slim Adjustable.

    As mentioned, the R41 and EJ and Merkur are made of Zamak and for now I'm looking for long term durability.

    Since the ikon has an alu top, is it to soft? Connaught is selling Seconds cheap?

  4. snip3r; Contact Stan at ATT and tell him what setting you use on your Slim and get a recommendation.
  5. Gillette New, either short or long comb version. Buy a user grade sample and, when you fall in love with it, have it replated. Or if you don't love it, sell it for about what you paid.
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    1940's SuperSpeed
    Gillette New LC (and/or SC)
    Gillette Old
    Prewar Gillette Tech
  7. +1 for the NEW. I have the LC. Great shaver.
    The r41 would be a large jump for you.
    a merkur futur is both adjustable as well as aggressive even on low settings.
  8. This ^
  9. Agree 100%.

  10. If you're look for an affordable, non-Zamak modern razor, the Fatip is the way to go. They are plated brass and nicely aggressive.
  11. For 29.99 the PAA/HTGAM symmetry is a fine razor. IMO the F&F surpasses merkur and is on par with edwin jagger, but the symmetry has an awesome handle. The heads are Zamak but the handles are chrome brass. Its more aggresive than my slants, actually it's about as aggressive as the fatip. I had an r41 in my cart last week, but opted for the 39c to go with my 37c, and the symmetry, for a longer heavier alternative to the fatip, and so far I'm very pleased.
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  12. F&F?
    and +1 for the symmetry. nice aggression, very efficient. If your careful, you will be rewarded...
  13. dcc


    Merkur 37/39
  14. They are pretty aggressive and might be more so than what the OP is looking for...?
  15. If you don't mind taking chances on a used razor go vintage. I'd love to get my hands on a NEW LC some day. I transitioned from an EJ89 to an ATT. The only problem with ATT--and it's a good problem to have--is that there are so many options. I tried 5 base plates (there are only 8) before finding the one that works for me. Stan has a great lineup. Not cheap, but very nice.
  16. Fit&Finish
  17. IMO if he's looking at the r41 he's aiming for the upper end of aggresive razors. Granted I've never used the r41, but having used the fatip and symmetry I consider them pretty much equally aggressive. The difference for me is the symmetry looks and feels like a more expensive razor in the hand and I really appreciate the heft to it. Don't get me wrong they are aggressive razors, If a slant is 6-7 out of 10 the fatip and symmetry are an 8. For me I had no problem going from a slant w/feathers to an OC with astras and crystals first to try, then loaded with a feather. If your technique is good, I assume it is because you have a slant then an aggressive OC shouldn't be a problem as long as you use a light touch, and keep a low angle(handle toward the floor). Again for me at least I wanted to try a fairly aggresive razor at a cheaper price than the r41 and the 2 I listed are plenty aggressive for me, and I no longer feel the need to have an r41. YMMV
  18. Thanks, WarEagle, I just wondered. I agree with your assessment, but based on some of the other things the OP said, I was surprised that the R41 was on his list and thought it was a bit too much of a leap. BTW, have you tried the ATT S2 (or S1)? I think it's a wonderful compromise between comfort and aggressiveness, but I didn't suggest it above because of the cost, which seemed to be out of line with the OP's other choices.
  19. Bondage007

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    Excuse my ignorance, what is a PAA/HTGAM and a F&F?

    One vote for a Merkur Progress, awesome razor.


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