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Recommend me a razor (not mild)

Hello gents, now the Christmas is near my wife has asked me for a list. I dont really need anything, but now that Im back to wetshaving after taking a long break and growing a beard, RAD is biting me again.

I currently have in my arsenal a Merkur 37 which I used when I started wetshaving years ago and it has served me well. A merkur like razor that is smooth but a tad on the mild side. I also have an old type Gillette clone made in England, I haven't shaved much with this razor to be honest. Recently I also acquired a Merkur 34C by trading it for a Rockwell 6c that I got a deal on in Amazon. To be honest I tried the Rockwell and I knew right off the bat that at least for now, wasn't gonna be a razor for me. I felt the profile of the head was a little to thick for my taste, thats why I would never consider a Futur or a Progress as a razor for me. I also have 2 Open comb Razors heading to me but delayed due the massive volume that the USPS is handling. They are an Open Comb from West Coast Shaving and a Merkur 15C.

So that being said the razors that I had in mind are the R41, the Parker Variant or A Maggards Razor with a V3A head. Im open minded and the budget is $80. Or do you guys think I have a big enough line up for now.

Thank you
I shave with a 6C, a Merkur Progress, an ATT SE1 and an Ever-Ready 1912. The ER 1912 cost almost nothing and is my favourite, followed by the SE1. An ER 1912 or a GEM Clog-Pruf or Bullet Tip will cost next to nothing - all you need is some PTFE blades. You may look at these old razors and think "how quaint and retro" but believe me, they are amazing.
The R41 is aggressive but smooth. Of course it depends on your skin and beard type. I also like the Fatip Piccolo OC. I can't use the R41 daily but I can use the Piccolo daily.
I shave every 2 or 3 days so using the R41 daily wont be an issue I think. The R41 is the strongest candidate as of right now.

Just as reference while my beard is not super coarse, the whiskers are hard to cut. So thats why I think I coild benefit from a more aggressive razor. Also here is my opinion on some of the blades that I have tried so far.

DERBY - Dull and would tug a lot, first blade I ever used and almost put me off using a DE.

WALMART WILKINSONS - same deal as the Derbys but just a bit better.

CRYSTAL - a bit sharper than the Derby but left me with irritation.

SHARK SUPER CHROME - middle of the road blade for me, not too sharp but I could get a DFS in 4 passes. Acceptable.

RED ISRAELI PERSONNAS - sharp and smooth, used to be my to go blade. Now that Im back to wet shaving this blade doesnt feel as sharp as before though, but still smooth.

Gillette 7 0 clCLOCK YELLOWS - sharp blade but not very smooth, these are good blades and they are bound tp serve in one of the razors that I have, my technique also needs to improve to get a better use out of them.

FEATHERS - Sharp and so so smoth, onlt blade that I ever got a BBS from with very minor irritation. Now that Im back I see that their price dropped so if I dont find anything else these could be my to go from now on.

Nacet - I just tried a Nacet loaded in a Merkur 34C on Friday. Sharp and smooth, struggle a bit with the ATG pass but I can see why people like them. Will keep using it it and see how it goes.
R41, in my opinion is a good but, you may tire of trying to make it a daily shaver. Thankfully a few of the below I have recently acquired and have been impressed with for efficiency and smoothness. They also have slimmer head designs.

Muhle Rocca R96
ATT H1 Calyspo (This is the aluminium version so it far cheaper than the s/s equivalent and has the most slim head profile of any razor I have come across.)
I echo that the Fatip Piccolo should be considered.

Three variant is great, but is noisy, and has a bulbous head. More things to consider.

not tried the R 41 yet, so I would go for the Maggards head instead of the variant.

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When you change razors, it's very possible that your blade notes will become irrelevant . FYI.

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I agree on blades behaving differently in different razors, the Derby however performed bad In a Lord L6 and a 37C slant.

I had also been looking the Piccolo but Ive hears that they have rough finishes and you always have to fiddle with the blade alignment. Italian Barber just bad them for sale as well.
just to add a different idea to the mix, a Futur or a Gillette Slim, the Slim on 9 should be close to the R41 but friendluyer enough to be an easier dauly driver. The Futur on 6 will be more aggressive/efficient than the R41. I have all three and find that is how they shave for me.
I use Astra SPs in my R41 and most of my other razors. I use Feathers from time to time as well. I also found the Derbys tugged. Persona Reds were great but I could not find them all the time.
Yes now.looking at it the Parker Variant does look like it has a thick head as well. Doesnt leave many options with my budget then.

Right now Im not open to vintage as those are not as easily obtainable as a modern razor.
Have you looked at the Razorock Game Changer .84? I'm very happy with it, partly because of head size and maneuverability.
The original post said the Merkur Progress has too pronounced a head for his liking.

The Parker Variant has a thicker top-cap than the Progress (which is one reason I personally prefer the Merkur over it), so presumably, it would be out too.
Brother Marlor,

Well, I have a Parker Variant in my right hand and a Merkur Progress in my left hand, and . . . and . . . I believe you are correct!
Im leaning heavily to the R41...if it doesn't work out I can always shelve it or sell it online. I love kinda close to the retail location of West Coast Shaving so might make a trip out of it one of these weekends.
Have you thought about a Karve? It’s in your budget and is made of machined brass, so it will last longer than the r41, variant, etc.
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