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Recommend me a masculine Sandalwood that has performance.

I'm currently using AOS sandalwood soap along with Captian's Choice Sandalwood aftershave and I would like a nice edt or edp to go along with them.
I really like the Captains Choice. I wish they made an edt version.
Recommend me something masculine with legs!
You mean something like this? It's pretty masculine and it has legs, right? 😉



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Wet Shaving Products (WSP) makes an awesome sandalwood AS. Very rich, deep sandalwood scent. The witch hazel and allantoin leave skin smooth and irritation free even after a bad shave. Great stuff.
I'm looking for a Sandalwood EDP that smells close to Captains Choice Sandalwood aftershave. Most of the ones I have sampled leans a little feminine for my taste.
Sorry if there was any confusion.

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I enjoy DR Harris Sandalwood. Has a hint of camphor and a rich sandalwood oil scent. They don't give it away, however. At the other end of the spectrum I also really like kanon Norwegian Wood. I have the aftershave and the EdT. They go for less than $10 the bottle.
Here's another vote for GFT Sandalwood Cologne. It's not a pure sandalwood, but then neither is the CC. The sandalwood is always there from the beginning to the final dry down.

Another thought is to try a sample of Ogallala Bay Rum and Sandalwood. It is along the lines of Captain's Choice being based on Bay Rum. I think the sandalwood in the Ogallala is more forward and lasts longer though.
Thanks for the replies. I already own Egoiste so I'm looking for a somewhat linear sandalwood scent to go along with the CC aftershave. The WSP Sandalwood EDP sounds promising. Looks like it's only "made to order" though.
How would you compare those two scents?
Just finished my 2ml sample of Tam Dao. lol
I have my finger on the trigger if I don't find something better suited.


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You can get a sample of Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements aftershave for a buck...Supreme Sandalwood Science. They have an EDT for that scent...I like it. I have the Proraso Sandalwood splash. That's decent, but I prefer Phoenix. I do not have Captain's Choice Sandalwood aftershave...but I do have their shave soap. To my nose, it's a very natural woody scent, not sweet or strong. But that's soap and not aftershave or cologne. Not sure what the scent strength is on their splash.
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