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Recommend me a brush

I want to acquire a new badger brush, preferably a two band, roughly in 80$-120$ price range.
Do you have any particular recommendations? Thanks.
Sir Space, FWIW, IMHO, just look around for a nice pure or best badger brush.
Does not have to be two- or three-band.
And you can find them for well under 80$!
Main issue in your case, might be shipping costs.
Enjoy your journey!!
Everyone should try a Simpsons brush!! :a14::a14:

I suggest starting with their best grade in an appealing handle.
I'm sure some nice Best Badger brushes can be found, but I haven't found them. In your price range would recommend and Envy Shave or Elite Razor brush with a custom handle. There are plenty of makers where you can find a handle to your liking. I personally would step up to a Declaration Grooming knot, but that might stretch your budget. Or I'd recommend stretching the budget to $150 and watching the B/S/T for some Paladin, Simpson's Manchurian or 2 Band Silvertip, Shavemac, Declaration, Morris & Forndran, or Brad Sears.
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