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Recommend a Shavemac Brush

I don't think I would replace the Eagle knot. I once considered having Rudy replace my 22mm Rover Best knot. I hadn't used it in several years, because it always shed a few hairs every shave, and I got spoiled by Thater 2-bands. Fortunately, when I took it out of my basement box, and began using it again, it no longer shed. It made me remember how much I always liked a Simpson Best knot. I've had at least 8 Simpson Best 3-bands over the years. Instead, I had Rudy replace a Rooney 24mm knot in my 1/2. While I love my Rudy/Rooney brush, and my Thater 2-bands, my 3-band Simpson Rover is still in regular rotation.
Sorry about the misunderstanding. My post wasn’t about replacing the knot in your Eagle brush. It was addressed to the OP as I see he has a perfectly fine handle on his old Shavemac…
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