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Recommend a New Boar

I have been using a Semogue 1305 for the last six months or so and love it. Prior to that, most of my lathering had been done with a Simpson Duke 3 in best badger. I thought that the badger worked well until I tried the boar. Now I am totally converted.

I am looking for something that is different, but still awesome. I have been considering the SOC and the Semogue 2000 (as I do like to bowl lather, especially when just practicing lathering).

What recommendations does this board have for a good second boar brush? Price really isn't an issue, since these are way cheaper than comparable badger brushes.

I have a 2000 and it's a great for bowl lathering and even face lathering (what I usually do). Very soft with just enough backbone. It holds a TON of lather and I like that it has the wooden unpainted handle. I'll post some pics of it if you're interested.

I do want the SOC really bad though so this is not me saying you should definitely get the 2000 :)

Check out the B&B Essential boar 2013. I think it will replace the Simpson Berkeley 46B Best badger as my goto brush. I can easily load the harder soaps and face lather. It is easy to put lather where you want it without resorting to directing bristles with your fingers.

I love my SOC. My B&B Essentials has been shelved as I love the feeling of a bigger brush with more bloom. Giant face-attacking boar brush with a metric ton of lather . . . my favorite way to start the morning!
I have a 1305 and a B&B Essential boar, and honestly, I like the B&B a lot more than the Semogue. It has a bit more backbone for the hard soaps I like to use, less splay, nice soft tips that split quickly, and a price that just can't be beat. I like mine so much that I've been thinking about picking up another and retiring my 1305.

The SOC is pretty tempting as well, though.
I also have and love a Semogue 1305 (with chipping paint and all). However, if you like a big brush you can't beat the SOC. I have it and love it with only one caveat... it is a great bowl lathering brush but maybe not so much for face lathering.

If you really like the 1305, you should also consider the 830 which I don't have but gets rave reviews. It will probably be my next boar.
Precious little....not unlike comparing a station wagon to an F150 4x4

I see what you mean.:001_smile I have noticed there is a following for the Omega 10049 in the reviews even for face lathering.
List ranked largest to smallest. Added the number votes, recommendations or preferences.
The Omega 10049 is huge. 126mm high 25mm knot 63mm loft. 0 votes.
Semogue 2000. 102mm high 25mm knot 60mm loft. 1 vote.
The SOC. 112mm high 24mm knot 55mm loft. 5 votes.
Semogue 1305. 108mm high 22mm knot 55mm loft. 2 votes.
B&B Essentials Boar (pink). 105mm high 22mm knot 54mm loft. 2 votes.

I was thinking more along the lines of performance: exfoliation, backbone, density, etc. Flexibility: bowl or face lather, hard soaps, soft soaps, creams. Comments from people who use both are most excellent.

The OP (Francois) "wants something different but still awesome".

Apparently the SOC has the nod. It is also a very good looking brush.

It will be interesting to see what Francois does and how he likes it several months later.

I have the SOC and love it. I also have the Semogue 2012 LE brush which is a mix of badger and boar. It is either very similar to or the same knot as the RazoRock Amici brush which I also have but which are sold out. The mixed knot is outstanding and one of my favorites. West Coast shaving still has some of the Semogue 2012 LE brushes if you want to try that out.
I find the SOC too much for my small face when lathering directly. Keep reaching for the B&B essential again and again. Soap destroyer with a handle designed by the Lord himself.
If I only had one vote, the B&B Essential would get it.

BUT...the Semogue 1800, the SOC, and the Semogue 1250 should also be in the conversation. The 1800 and the 1250, in particular, are the same handle as your 1305, just different styles of bristle...might be nice to get a comparison between the two for you.

One last thing...if you're willing to spend a little bit more, the brush from ABdB (Antiga Barbearia de Bairro) would be a very classy unique addition to anyone's den. The handle, to me, is really gorgeous.
I just ordered the SOC 2012 boar/badger mixed brush, so I'd of course recommend that one if you can find it.

If you want something different, without a lot of risk in cost, the Omega 10098 is a fun brush and only $10.
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