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Recommend a good Travel cover for my Safety Razor

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a Travel holder for my Tech or Superspeed?
I've seen several but didn't know if anyone had any experience with one, or knew of one that had a blade compartment as well...

Theres a nice one on West Coast Shaving's site. Tan leather with a snap. I've got one and the leather is nice and soft. No blade compartment.
I bought a Weishi just to get the hard clam shell case.

Little minor modifying (removing some plastic here and there) and it fits my 37c slant like a glove. Only need to do the filing because the slant head is not flat. This clam shell case should fit any standard razor like a glove as the Weishi is a Gillette TTO clone.

I bought the Edwin Jagger black leather case from West Coast Shaving that has 2 slots for blades. It's very nice, but the razor can slide up and down somewhat so you need to pad the area under the flap with some Kleenex. I use an old leather zippered electric razor case for my other razor.
I recently bought one of Mühles DE travel cases:


I love it.

They aren't the cheapest but you can feel the luxury ;-)

The link was just the first one available but they come in different sizes so they fit both short and long handled DE, brushes etc.

I bought one for the short handled Merkur HD.

I think you also can get the slightly larger one that would fit the whole package (DE, brush, spare blades and stick soap)
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