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Recommend a cooling mentholated shaving cream

You'll love it if you get your hands on some. Gada Original is also good stuff too. There's a Gada Marine cream too that I've heard of, but have never been told anything about.
I’m going to hook him up with these Gada creams! ;)

I wish I'd had time to look for Gada when I was in Montreal last summer, but I was with family.
Almost every Lebanese-owned grocery store in Montreal and Ottawa carries it. Even my barber who’s Lebanese has it occasionally as well as an Egyptian cream called Lord.

Derby and Godrej are good creams for the price, both available in menthol. Derby in particular outperforms its price point in terms of how it moisturizes, which is rare for a cheap cream.
A dab of Cremo Cooling in your shaving bowl or scuttle can bring a chill to any cream. I use it often.
I would dare to suggest Argo Neo Platinum cream, made in Bulgaria. I scored this tube while looking for new stuff at the local grocery market. Almost missed it in the multitude of Arko flavors.

The menthol in it feels nice and cool on my skin. It was surprisingly pleasant. Does not smell minty but it I do like the smell. Oh and it lathers nicely too.

Here's how the tube looks:


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