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@steelwindmachine, apologies for not updating. 🤦‍♂️

The 400 was a bit of an awkward beast for me at first. I've been using short, stubby brushes for decades and am quite acclimated to the feeling.

However, after a few test lathers to get sorted I'm now using it every day to good effect. The extra length is fantastic for bowl lathering and the knot is top notch as you'd expect. Somewhat floppy but I don't scrub much so I won't complain.

I do change my grip a bit when I go to the face, grasping more around the collar of the handle to replicate the short brush handling.

My 400 is an aluminum one and I use it in a medium size ceramic bowl with sloped sides. It clanks a bit from time to time but it's not bad at all really. In fact, my wife enjoys the sound from the other room. She says it reminds her of listening to her grandad shave. 😁
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