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Recommend a 2 band badger brush

I want to try a 2 band badger brush but I don't want to spend more than $75.00. I really love my synthetic brushes and I use boars for bowl lathering once in awhile. Now I want to give a badger a try again.
I had a good highly recommend badger awhile back but I just didn't care for it. I don't want to get into why to much but I know I didn't like the short bulb shape of the knot.
I mostly face lather using a shave stick. I never face lather any other way. I was looking at the SOC 2 band and it looks like I might like it. What else do you guys suggest?
The Elite Razor Manchurian knots are fantastic performers, and you could get one for just under your price point. You would have to fit it into a handle yourself, but it's not at all difficult to do, and you'd have a truly individual brush. I do like my SOC two-band badger brush, but the Elite Razor knot is on another level.
I have (2) Semogue SOC, 1 Cherry, 1 Ash both are good yet a bit stiff. 2 years old. The brush I'd recommend would be the Semogue 2040 HD 2-band badger or I call it a silvertip. I'm using this to face lather in about 10 minutes. ;) Another choice would be the Semogue 730 HD Silvertip, it's just a tad smaller.

Whatever you do, get what your best thought tells you to do. :)

p.s. If you were a bowl lathering type of guy, I'd say go with the SOC 2-band badger .. but for face lathering? 2040 HD Silvertip.. or 730 HD silvertip..
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Stirling soap co. sell brushes also, I have 2 of their 2 band finest brushes and I love them for face lathering! They are around $40 I believe. The white one is slightly shorter loft than the marble handle so it has a little more backbone. Great brushes for the money. both are 24mm
I have not used the SOC 2-band but like you I primarily face lather. You could check out an Envy White brush from Nathan Clark, it has good scrub and backbone but soft tips when its wet. There's actually one on the BST right now for what I think is a great price... the Elite Razor manchurian was already mentioned above and those are nice knots, but one set in a handle would definitely be move expensive. My favorite brush right now is from a hobbyist on Reddit, very reasonably priced and I really can't say enough good things about it.
I know I said a 2 band badger is what I am looking for but I just discovered a Yaqi R1818 Aqua High-mountain Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush. The price is right. I may go for it instead.
I'd recommend a Maseto 2 band finest from ebay. They're spectacular for the price. Other people already recommended Stirling which is a fine choice, but I would also consider YaQi badgers (aliexpress) as I believe they supply brushes for Stirling.
Maggard also has some nice 2 bands, notably both bulb and fan options.
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