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Recomend a gunsmith specializing in Colt SAA


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Sister-in-law's boss has an old Colt SAA in rough shape, a family heirloom. I have not seen the gun except in a cell phone text. I don't know the serial number or generation. Looks like a 5 1/2 in. barrel, little finish, pitted and worn Black hard rubber grips with the prancing pony but no eagle. Despite the exterior wear, looks like it could be mechanically sound, dunno. Not even sure if he wants to shoot it or put much money into it. What's your suggestions for a gunsmith IF he wants to do things right? He is in the Baton Rouge, LA area, if that has any bearing on your suggestions.


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SAAs are pretty simple, so any competent 'smith should be able to get it in basic shape. A serial number look up on Proofhouse would give more info. on it. I have had problems with Colt's customer service serial number look up...my 1911 came back as a D.A. revolver. Parts may be a problem, but if it's in decent mechanical shape that shouldn't be a problem. I got a cylinder stop from a company in CA. for my 1894 Colt years ago but I think they are out of business now. Some of the repro. ones (Cimarron, Uberti) are exact copies. Parts for those should work just fine.

This is one of the top restoration ones in the country, but pricey...very pricey. Depends on what he wants to do to it.

I'm sure you are fully aware that any restoration will ruin historical value, but if it's a piece of *#[email protected] anyway and he wants to get it back in shape....

NRA may be able to give you a value on it.

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Yes, one of the first things I related to my SIL was that it should not be refinished. I don't think he'll want to do anything other than make sure it's mechanically safe, if that.
***BEFORE you do anything****

Look up the serial number and see what you have....year, how old, original barrel. You can look up the serial number on websites through the internet and if you write/contact Colt...I believe there is a program for a small amount of money or maybe free...I can't remember. Anyways, contact Colt and they will send you a letter of where they shipped to either the individual or retailer who sold it. Yes...they go waaaaaaaaay back.

Take pictures, take pictures,....did I mention take pictures? The entire gun and any and all markings and numbers. If possible take pictures of the cylinder out of the frame/gun.

With pictures go to the Colt Fourm/join..it's free and ask questions in the section of Colt SAA. Even if you can't get pictures have the owner describe the markings and in their forum they won't ask for the full serial number but a few numbers to track down the year. THEY will know all that should and shouldn't be done with that gun. Maybe even a value of who can tell you.



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Thanks for the info gentlemen. I wish the gun were mine, I'd certainly take all of the steps to trace down the origin, etc. But as of now, I'm communicating through a non-gun person to another non-gun person so we'll just have to wait and see how interested they are in "following the trail" and what they actually want to do with the gun.
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