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Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by MilkCrate, Jul 10, 2019.

    96458039-6A55-42A7-96CC-CFCDD8C57797.jpeg E539303D-AD1C-4778-9DB9-EECFA0D4384B.jpeg I was wondering if someone could help me identify one of these frags. I’ve had them for years and have never used them. I was able to identify one as Givency Pi (not sure of the age, but I guess fairly old). The other has no label or markings. I couldn’t even begin to tell you what it smells like. Does anyone recognize the bottle? It is 8 sided. 6 sides are flat and thinner. 2 opposing sides are wider and more round.
  1. Found it. Looks like vintage Guess for Men.
  2. Well done. How do they smell to you?
    Are they keepers?
  3. My nose is horrible at picking up on scents. They are a lighter, brighter type of scent. If that makes any sense. The Mrs likes them, so they are keepers.
  4. Smart man!
  5. I just sampled some pi after probably not smelling it for a few years and I really like it (off the test strip). I keep going back to my dresser to smell it. I need to get back to Ulta and try it on my skin. I'm not in a huge rush because it seems to be a Fall/Winter fragrance so maybe I'll have my girlfriend check it out for my birthday and see if it passes her sniff test.

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