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Received the Ultimate Frag PIF

Rick (rickboone1) and I have been chatting and he asked me if I had tried some different fragrances or not. As a young man I wore what my dad had in the bathroom, Old Spice for daily wear and Canoe if I was going on a date. I went through a Brut phase in college and used that and Old Spice over the years as after shave and cologne.

As I got older I branched out to wearing Passion for Men as my cologne and some version of Bulgari. I wore these for decades.

Then I found the frag forum on B&B. My dresser top is half covered with samples and decants, a few full-sized bottles, and now I have this haul that he sent to me last week! I've tried three of them so far so I obviously have a ways to go.

What's not in the picture is a leather and linen strop combo that he sent to me too!


I, for one, would be interested in hearing exactly what fragrances all those vials hold. A daunting task, no doubt, so how about just a handful of your favourites out of the bunch once you get through most of them? Anyway, congrats!
Alright, sir. Be sure to tell the whole story.... You sent me some samples and I had to pay you back. This was a mere trade. :)
That Rick has proven himself a good ol boy in my book too! He sold me my first vintage pen and got me hooked on a bunch of sample scents and inks. He better hope my wife never catches him in a dark alley :lol:
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