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Reccomendations for mild butterfly razor

I was wondering when this plastic Feather would pop up.

I bought one online in China. It cost $1.50, retail, including postage (that's 10 yuan). It was labeled "Feather" just like the ones on eBay. It was made in China, and also sold in China under a variety of other names, some even cheaper. It is just an ultra-cheap plastic razor that costs pennies to manufacture. On the other hand, it is very, very light.

I found it mild to the extreme, and couldn't shave with it. I gave it away to a Nordic guy with fine blond hair who liked mild razors. So I guess YMMV. But I wouldn't pay more than $2 for one, if that. Yes, it was genuine; Feather makes some extremely mild razors so guys in Japan, most of whom only need to shave once or twice a week, can use their extremely aggressive blades. Go figure.

If you MUST have a razor labelled "Feather" on the package perhaps you could find one of these on Aliexpress or Alibaba at a "reasonable" price.

If you are willing to spend the excessive price they charge for this Feather, you might consider a Pearl butterfly. They even make an open comb TTO, but that probably wouldn't be so mild.

Has anyone out there tried a Pearl butterfly, aside from the new Flexi adjustable?
Feather razors in general seem mild, but they are quite efficient. It’s just they have a unique optimal cutting angle of 45° which can seem like it’s not cutting if you’re used to another razor. It’s definitely efficient especially with a Feather blade. I believe Geofatboy did a video. Both the TTO and 3-piece razors have the same cutting angle. I don’t know how much the Feather Popular is… but if it’s truly made in Japan and not a clone it will be worth the money for cheap TTO if you can get used to the angle. Japan has some seriously tight tolerances IMO when it comes to shaving.
Mild to Aggressive my experience are as follows;

1- Feather Popular
2- Timor 1322 = Weishi
3- Baili 179 = Rockwell R1
4- Wilkinson TTO
5- Gillette Parat
6- Parker 87R
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