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Rebuilding and Adjusting the Fatboy

When I restored my Fatboy from the ground up, I couldn't find any instructions on reassembly, specifically ensuring the blade gap settings were correct. Most instructions I found said the assembly is the reverse of disassembly which isn't true unless you maintain all orientations of the parts when it is in pieces. I found the gaps listed on the B&B wiki and made up a process to set it. I would love to see how Gillette did it in a production setup, obviously with dies and other tooling that would make it easier and quick. Please send me your corrections and comments and I'll adjust. Enjoy.

Fatboy Rebuild
Thank you so much for the outstanding post. It may be the most fascinating posting I've read in my 4 years hanging around this place. And I've read a lot of outstanding posts. I really appreciate the excellent illustrations and instructions. It must have taken a lot of thought about just what to show and how best to illustrate each point. Brilliant! Unfortunately, the skills required appear to be far above my level. I have to confess that in my 60+ years, I've never before seen a 3-jaw machine chuck. But your illustrations make it totally clear what it does and why it's needed.

Thanks again for the education. I'm going to read through the step-by-step a couple of more times and maybe I can work up the courage to tackle a similar project.
Wow! Bravo. An excellent tutorial that I shall keep for future use. Thank you VERY much for taking the time to take pics and share. Hat tip. Appreciate it.
Thank you very much for taking the time to put this tutorial together, it is very much appreciated if I ever pluck up the courage to do the same to mine I will have this standing by.

That's an amazing guide. Thank you.
I just wish someone would do something similar for a super-adjustable. Mine is out of adjustment since the collet on mine spun.
This post needs to go in the reference area somehow... Thanks very much for going to the trouble of posting it - very useful.
Thanks for the comments. I'm an engineer and I'm hard wired to want to figure out how things work and why it was made that way. Putting this how-to together wasn't that big of a deal, the only thing was getting a hold of a spare razor to mess with. The catch is to not screw something up if you really want to put it back together again. I'm looking for a basket case slim and black beauty to do the same thing on. I only took mine apart down to the adjuster and left it alone because I only have one copy of each and they worked AND I didn't want to kill them accidentally.
I don't know if I'll ever take a Fatboy apart, but I know I'll use this great set of instructions if I ever do. Thanks! :thumbup:
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