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Rebristled brushes by Shavemac

I've been impressed by the excellent reports for Shavemac brushes so I contacted Bernd and sent him 2 Ivory brushes that were in need of rebristling. They just arrived with just 2 days shipping from Germany to Texas and no delays at Fedex through Memphis. The job was done quickly and the work was 1st rate.

Correct me if I'm wrong....So if you have a handle that you really enjoy and it is time to retire the brush, you just send the handle to Bernd and he will add new badger hair to your handle? If so, that is good information to know. I too would really be interested to see what he charged for this service.
That's correct. The repair service was $12 for both brushes although Bernd quoted $12 for each. The silvertip badger was $64 for 23mm brush and $72 for the 25mm. Shipping from Germany was $12 via Fedex.

my father is suppose to be making a brush or two fo rme and Bnerd said to ship them to him and he will install the hair...thanks for the prices it give me an idea what to expect...

mark tssb
Thanks for the info Steve!
I've been wanting to turn some custom handles but didn't want to use inferior bristles. After seeing Bernd's superior craftsmanship on my SMF brush, this is great news.
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