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Really starting to settle in with MdC

I settled in with my basic diver razor (Blackland Tradere SB) some months ago and rarely use anything else except when away from home.

Now it seems like I have also found my soap. Previously I would use a soap daily through my six brush rotation and then change to the next soap. These soaps were D R Harris Arlington, MWF, Tabac, Cella, and Haslinger Schafmilch (until finished but not replaced). I was happy with all of my soaps and believed that my preference was for a tallow soap, although the new Schafmilch was also very good. I don’t know why but somehow I became intrigued by MdC and purchased the 130 g Original in a nice glass bowl.

From the first shave the MdC was special for me. My first impression was that it was clean. Next I found it slick and protective with a pleasing scent. It lathered well, but so do my other standard soaps and it was expected. The often repeated knock about it being drying was not present for me. The only soap that I have used and found drying was Proraso Green. Rather I just feel the slickness and freshness and enjoy the scent. Other than Cella, all of my soaps are fairly long lasting and while not triple milled the MdC seems like it will last as long or longer than any of the other soaps.

My observation is that I seem to have found some destination products and can still satisfy the variety aspect of this hobby with my brush rotation (they do need to dry between uses) and the various blades (down to 4 majors plus a Feather for my Timeless Titanium travel razor).

I wonder if first others have had the same success with MdC and second if they have found their destination products.
Congrats on finding your 'destination' soap!
Indeed, MdC is great and worthy of that recognition!

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I received a container of MDC Fougre in the mail this morning from West Coast Shaving. The scent is fantastic - very similar to SV Felce (I have the soap and a/s lotion) and pairs perfectly with Houbigant Fougre Royale. It is hard to believe that MDC is a vegan soap. Only a few twirls with a wet brush and I was able to make a nice lather - very slick and cushioning. Really perfect - If I could only chose one soap to use for the rest of my life, this would be it! (and also any soap with GIT scent).
Good soap. This is the only soap i have where i can load it gently with a wet badger brush, and not needing to add inn water gradually. It is just so easy to work with.


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I share your view of MdC. I use the Fougere, but Agrumes is on the way, along with my first tuck of Nacets.


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It's so good when you find something in this journey that just makes you say, "that's it...that's the one...don't need anything else in that category."
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