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    So, I feel like my fragrance collection is getting near completion. I've been on the hunt for a certain "something" in the world of colognes for years. Call it a 70's-80's a masculine mojo spanning from John Shaft to Patrick Bateman. The trouble is that I don't have the budget to obtain certain fragrances. Samples just make me feel unfulfilled and ripped off on the price per ounce. So that leaves me blind buying fragrances over 20$, something I don't like to make a habit of.

    So I decided on clone oils. I happen to know that these are manufactured by some unknown company in bulk and then sold to many separate online retailers. I have tried these products before and know that they are well beyond the quality you'd expect. Their Hai Karate is amazing. It's not spot on, but if someone told you it was a "reformulation" of HK, you'd have no trouble believing it. Even the current one in the UK is reformulated. These oils are $3.99 for a 1oz rollerballer, the price of a sample of the name brand. If you love a fragrance, you can wear it for months and save up for the real deal. If you hate it, you're out $3.99 and you know you wouldn't pay $60 for it.

    Here's the list of what I bought. I got Quorum to layer with the EDat and hopefully extend the longevity of the reformulated version. Dior Jules, as far as I know, is discontinued. The bottles I've seen are over $100. Kuoros a complete unknown and it's over $50 for the good bottle. And Lapidus, well, let me say I've heard mixed things! Screenshot_20190220-010241_Chrome.jpg
  1. who is the vendor? Sellers Burgener?

    i didnt see any oils, but
    His shave related stuff is very interesting. It clearly is inspired by what he says on his webpage. arthurian legend and poe. mlitsnof crosses and dark stuff like coffins and skulls
  2. That sounds awesome. Are you talking about Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab? My wife and I have been customers since about 2010. My collection is not what hers is, but I have some really good ones too.

    The vendor is I'm pretty sure that they sell oils from a third party manufacturer. But their prices are way better than some I have seen.
  3. I am actually Sellers Burgener, btw!
  4. ha, i misread the invoice shipping. clearly got it wrong and ended up at a squarespace page that showed pieces for sale.
  5. That would be my infrequently visited art website! That career has slowed down since I've been in X-ray school for the last two years. But it is an ongoing process.
  6. Ad Astra

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    Sellers, you should like all those.

    Kouros and Lapidus I both blind-bought - and really liked!

    And you're right about Quorum - so short-lived, it's a shame. Paco, I buy vintage.


  7. REV579

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    Quorum, locally is $15, Kouros is likewise priced. The Paco seems well-priced too:

    The cloned Kouros certainly fits most budgets.
  8. That Quros made me laugh! $4.99 is a real bargain. I'd buy it just to see what they can give you at that price! Have you tried it?

    It's great that you can go and sample so many of these, @REV579. My perfume stores locally don't have this kind of selection and tester bottles. There are a number of them I would like to try but I just don't have the opportunity.

    @Ad Astra, if that $4 Quorum clone extends the longevity of Quorum spray, I am gonna be very pleased. It's like the current formula is a cheap clone of itself. Maybe I will buy the vintage at some point. It's not terribly expensive. What a fantastic scent. It's a terrible shame what became of it.
  9. Ad Astra

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    Yeah, the Pour Monsieur blog - I agree with everything the guy likes - Quorum is his absolute favorite ... but again, my bottle - on me - lasts 5 minutes.

    Wearing Kourous today. The stuff polarizes like TabacaVeg, but really is awesome. IMHHO.

  10. REV579

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    I haven't tried it, but did try Tag-Him and some of the others. Here are a few thumbnail pics from the other day.

    IMG_6013 2.jpg IMG_6014 2.jpg IMG_6015.jpg IMG_6017 2.jpg IMG_6018.jpg IMG_6019.jpg IMG_6020.jpg IMG_6057.jpg
  11. I would have removed email & shipping address information before posting.

    I've purchase many inspired by oils and mixed them with perfumers alcohol.
    It's a nice cheap way to find out what scents I like and which ones I don't.
    In general the oil to alcohol ratio I use is 1/3oz oil to 2/3oz alcohol. The oils purchased are not 100% perfume oils.
    They have some type of carrier oil added. So the 1/3-2/3 seems about right to compensate for the added carrier.

    The best oils I've found (for price vs quality), are Hayward Enterprises, Scentsational Shoppe and Oil Perfumery.
    I have got some fantastic oils from Generic Perfumes in Kuwait, but had a very bad experience with my 1st order.
    Only thing delivered was an empty shipping envelope. The vendor did eventually reship the order.
  12. Sharpstar90...

    If you're into oils I have heard good things about Al Rehab...BUT....certain ones, not all of them.


    Al Rehab Silver....clone for Creed Silver Mountain Water
    Silver Al-Rehab perfume - a fragrance for women and men

    Al Rehab Dakar as a clone as Drakkar Noir


    Al Rehab Superman

    Al Rehab Cobra

    I do believe Al Rehab makes cologne versions also.

    Look at this part of Fragrantica....scroll to Al Rehab Style. Click the one that you want information about and see what the Fragrantica community states about it. **Let us know more when you use them***
    Al-Rehab Perfumes And Colognes

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