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Really Good Shave yesterday!

I normally use a DE, but I have gotten back to using the straights on Saturday when I have the time. I have never been able to get completely BBS all over mainly because the angles needed on my neck. I normally do 2 passes with the straight and then a 3rd with a DE. When I am really on with the straight, the 3rd is really just a touch up pass.

So I brought out my trusty wonderedge 5/8th and gave it a hone on my new and improved routine. Basically 3K, 5K, 10K chosera, leather strop and test, Escher, leather strop and test, strop on .3 micron psa film and leather strop again. This gives a very nice edge for me.

After the 2 passes, I had virtually no beard left on most of my face, just the usual hard to reach spots on the lower neck and around the nose. The 3rd pass with the DE confirmed it, virtually nothing left to cut on most of the face, and some touch-up needed on the trouble spots. I got a BBS and very little sting with the aftershave. 18 hours later, I have the barest hint of a shadow.

It was nice to spend time with the straights again and I feel like I finally have a good routine for honing. I also strop on the .3 micron before putting the razor away to keep the edge fresh.

I want to try an Arkansas later on in the summer, but it is good to be back!


Girls call me Makaluod
I also had an out-of-the-ordinary SR shave yesterday morning. This morning I am feeling my face trying to find some spots that need to be shaved. Must have something to do with the stars, planets and the moon. That's my thinking.
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