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Ready for more aggression :)

As a fairly new wet shaver, I wanted to ask those with more experience what should be my next razer/blade setup.

I have a fairly coarse beard (not a ton of hair but but what is there seems to be pretty tough on blades). My skin is fairly sensitive so I've been looking to increase my aggressiveness of razer and blade. I started with a Weishi butterfly and found that the combo of Dorco 300s with it worked pretty well. I have since moved on to a Merkur 37c Slant and have been using a feather with it. I had expected the slant to be far more aggressive than the Weishi but it actually seems a little milder. I've only been using DEs for a couple months now but feel super comfortable with the 37c/Feather setup - never a nick. Open to suggestions on what I should try next (R41?). I just feel like I could probably benefit with a more aggressive setup.

How about a Progress? Quite affordable, you can play around with the settings to dial in new blades, it’s efficient and upwards of setting 4 there is also some bladefeel to keep up the thrill ;)

Coarse stubble and Dorco 300s sounds like a job for a Fatip Piccolo or Grande. And you cannot go wrong with the R41 or Progress either.

But just switching blades might help too. That’s what I did at first anyway. To see if I can increase the efficiency of my then current razor.

I like the R41. The "blade feel" is noticeable but to me this is good because it "guides" the shave, if that makes sense. I was worried about the R41's "aggressive" reputation and got one anyway. I'm glad I took the chance because I find the R41 to be a fine razor that provides me very close shaves.


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Are you unhappy with the results you get with the Merkur slant? For me the Merkur 37 is deceiving. It gives me a very comfortable shave with no drama. The end result is as close a shave I get with any other razor combination. My beard is fairly dense, white and wirey. I don’t have sensitive skin. I’m not a big fan of blade feel either. Blackland Razors advertised having Darts available again. That’s an aggressive razor for me with too much blade feel. It gets a lot of love from other folks though. You might want to check it out or possibly the Blackland Blackbird.
If it were me, I would also try a gillette Nacet and personna platinum before making the complete jump.

That being said, I have super sensitive skin and lots of razors, I prefer positive blade exposure. From that, you have excellent choices above.

Feel like a splurge - Carbon CX ++.
Hard to say without knowing your budget. I immediately think Wolfman WR2 with a 1.65 gap, but that is a $200+ razor.

A Karve with a F or G plate is super aggressive and just under $100.

The Merkur Progress is pretty aggressive and about $50.

Lastly, a vintage Gillette Slim or Fatboy can be found cheap and are aggressive when dialled wide open to 6.

Feather blades are aggressive, so I don’t think a different blade would give you more aggressiveness. KAI and BICs are in the same range as Feathers. Nothing else out there is as sharp IME.
As already mentioned .Blackland blackbird, Fatboy or any other adjustable. Fatboy is great - smooth but efficient on 9. Rockwell is great and you are topped out at the R6. It is a fine plate, aggressive enough but no so much so but you are topped out. Very smooth. I have or had the above.

Karve with E Plate i have for sale now (yea i know :) ). It is more than the 37c and you have options to buy more aggressive plates for not much money with the brass. BTW - the 37c was my second razor and i still have it. Great razor for what it is.
Thank you all for the responses. I'm not overly concerned about cost but love chasing the perfect shave :thumbup:
I just shaved with the Razorock superslant l3, and compared it with the Muhle R41 side by side.. The superslant holds its own in effeciency with the r41, and has way better smoothness than the r41..Based on what you said, I think you should consider the Razorock superslant l3 or any of the variants..
The Muhle R41 head is so cheap that I think everyone looking for an efficient shave should try it.

After that, if price is not a concern, I second the Blackland Blackbird and any Wolfman WR2 with a 1.35+ gap.
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