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Re-grind on a Gd66

I need some info on how to get cleaner/sharper transition grind lines from the tang to the hollow grind. Instead of the grind lines going about 1/2"-3/4" into the tang - it would be nice just to have a straight transition grind line that is even with the heel of the razor. I guess a fellow could make some kind of jig, like what is used on knives to get the sharp even plunge lines at the ricaso when grinding a knife. Some like a thumb notch, but I don't care for them.
Here is my first rough regrind, but I don't like the wavy transition line from the heel into the tang.
0704192253.jpg 0704192256.jpg
No, that razor is made from scratch on a 2 x 72, but I think that I would be able to do it to a GD with a Dragster. It was just a convenient picture.

Hmmm. Looking at pictures of dragster sanders, I can't tell what the clearance is like on the left side of the wheel. That may make the one side of the razor hard to do with that tool. I suppose one could do it all on the right side of the wheel grinding edge up on one side and edge down on the other.

I just plunge straight in to make the cut. I find making the belt track with a slight overhang (maybe 1 mm) helps to soften the bottom of the cut at the corner.