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Re-discovered soaps?

I seem to go through phases with soaps. After a long hiatus I recently rediscovered RazoRock Santa Maria Del Fiore soap. This is an absolutely awesome product and lately I am using it every day. Great scent, slick, great cushion...great with a DE SE or SR. It is one of those soaps that I forgot was so good. It sat in my sock drawer unused for many months...

How about you? Rediscover any old/great soaps lately?
I have a few RazoRock soaps I rotate through, Rosa di Bossolasco being the choice for the last couple of weeks. It's a little too sweet rosey so I wanted a change. I remembered I had some Love My Skin glycerin soap samples. Pulled out the Hawaiian Sandalwood and had a great shave with my QShave Futur clone.


Ask me about shaving naked!
Great thread (idea), tks for posting it! I think we've all rediscovered some oldies but goodies, but the idea to explore your closet is excellent

Cheers, Steve
I've been using creams exclusively for the last year, found Dr Harris Arlington and MWF today. I'm using one of these soaps in the morning
I was digging for something in the closet last week and found a sample of Stirling Piacenza that I never opened. Been using it since and its awesome!

It was kinda like finding a twenty in my jeans pocket.
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