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RC 877 Wade Butcher 7/8 Celebrated Custom purple tiger scales


Wade Butcher .This belongs to a member here .It will ship to you on tomorrow.Specifications are below .Best regards Gary

RAZOR #: RC 877

MANUFACTURER: Wade Butcher 7/8 Barbers Notch Celebrated


BLADE TYPE: 7/8 Hollow grind with barbers notch/Mirror finish /defect free

SCALES: Custom purple tiger with adjustable tension bullseye pivot,and 6 flush brass rear pins

CONDITION (1-10): 8.5


VALUE (1-10): 8.5

COMMENTS Beautiful defect free blade with very little wear,an excellent shaver,mirror finish
Awww! Nice.

I first thought this was a B/S/T post...

Now I just realize you're just rubbing it in.


...Awesome razor. And the owner is a lucky, lucky dude.
To me, the scales just don't do it. The blade has been polished taken care of nice (they look like new).. but the scales..
This is gorgous. After seeing this, I am convinced that the blunt spike point 8/8 W&B I recently lucked into can become this beautiful also, with a lot of work. I've got to start making a plan for it's restoration/refurbishing into a similar object of such beauty.
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