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FS Razors: Pearl Flexi, Lupo 72, "Winning" razor, Lupo DE + others!!

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Hello Folks, Cleaning out what I don't use to make way for other purchases. I love them all but need to make room!
All have been purchased "Brand new" in the last four months with the exception of the Merkur 23C.
They have seen very little use in the last 4 months since I rotate razor usage!
All are in "Like New" mint condition!
The Yaqi Slant is "Brand new" never used.
They will be shipped clean & sanitized!
Paypal payment only (fees included in price)!
Shipping to USA & Canada only!
Price listed includes shipping inside the USA!
I'm located in Florida!
Canada shipping not included. Shipping anywhere in Canada needs to add $22 to price listed. That's unfortunately what USPS charges internationally to any of the Provinces!
I will combine $22 shipping cost to Canada if purchasing more than one razor!
I have a trip tomorrow so I will not be able to ship till Tuesday 06/21.
I have been a member of "The Bay" since September of 1997 and have 100% positive feedback. My user name there is: "LMRod1707"
Please PM me if interested in any of the Razors!
Details for each razor in it's individual description below!
Thanks, LRod!!

Pearl Flexi adjustable, Version 10 (This is the latest version!), Plated Brass, Made in India, $60
Purchased in April. Includes box, stand and documentation:


Razorock Lupo 0.72 with Barber Pole handle, Stainless Steel, Made in Canada, $60
Purchased in May. Includes box:


The "Winning" Razor, Machined Stainless Steel, Made by Yates in the USA, $45
Purchased in March. no box included:


Razorock Lupo DE, Aluminum, Made in Canada, $27
Purchased in March. Includes box:


Yaqi Slant Aggressive with Lemonwald 3.5" Stainless steel handle, Made in China, $25
This one is brand new! I never tried using it and I know I never will!
Purchased in May. No box included:


Merkur 33C, Made in Germany, $25
Purchased in April. No box included:


Merkur 23C, Made in Germany, $25
Purchased in 2021. No box included:


Parker 97R, Made in India, $25
Purchased in March. No box included:

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Lupo 0.72, $50
The "Winning" razor, $40
Lupo DE aluminum, $22
Yaqi Slant, $22
Merkur 33C, $22
Merkur 23C, $22
Parker 97R, $22

As stated before, price includes shipping in the USA only. Canada shipping adds $22 to the price!

Thanks for looking,
Yaqi & Merkur 23C removed (I'm keeping those).
Thread is now locked!
Thanks to everyone,
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