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Razors of Richmond

Has anyone been to the new Razors of Richmond (in Richmond VA)? My wife and kids bought me a Groupon certificate for a haircut, straight razor shave and manicure for Fathers Day. I was just wondering how they compare to places like the Art of Shaving and such.

I'm going next week, hopefully, if anyone wants to do a meetup.
You will have to let us all know how they are. Since I decided that straight razors aren't as super scary as i had thought them to be I have been looking forward to the thought of getting a proper barber shop shave somewhere. only problem is finding a good place where they know what they are doing.
Certainly will. I may be bringing my Feather AC to scare the barber, maybe let him/her try it out. There are a few articles that have been out recently about them and I hear Mo (Moe??) is the barber to go to....don't know if that is a gentleman or a lady, either way, looking forward to it.
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