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1. Ikon Standard attached to a Charcoal Goods Copper Hammered Handle. The Ikon head is 7/10 aggressive but a very smooth shaver. The CG handle I believe is no longer made. Wonderful grip. 3" long weighs about 53 grams. $70 includes USA shipping only
(Ikon head is SS coated DLC)
2. Phoenix Shaving Crimson Ghost OC Slant made of ABS plastic and brass. Very lightweight but a great shaver. $26 includes USA shipping
(used 4x)

3. Silverloaf brass handle made in Vermont by a small artisan. Has the logo embossed on the handle. Length 3.25 " weighs 38 grams. About 8 mm wide at the base. $40 includes USA shipping
(M5 x .08 threaded)

If anyone is interested in making a deal for the razor and brass handle combo let me know. I am listening
You can now purchase the Crimson Ghost razor and brass Silverloaf handle for only $60 which still includes USA shipping. Payment by Paypal only (goods and services)
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