Razorrok Game Changer vs Rockwell 6S

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    Ok guys I know there is a lot of love for both razors so Im interested to hear from people that own both. Ive read that the Razorrok is CNC machined while Im pretty sure the Rockwell is MIM therefore Im guessing Razorrok would have much tighter tolerances however Ive read review after review of people saying how super smooth the Rockwell is. The razor will be used in my rotation plus double as my travel razor & Im only looking to purchase one of the options guys..not both..or at least not for awhile lol:shifty:. How does the quality stack up against each other & which do you expect to last longer. I will also add that the Rockwell is easier to get hold of here in Australia whilst the Razorrok is probably still out of stock. Thoughts??
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    Just bought both... like both... expect both to last forever... either one will be good (if you have two cars you might consider selling one and buying both razors... just another option).
  2. The Rockwell actually is not one but six Options.
    I have a Rockwell 6s and it gives the best shaves in my den. As far as I could read in Forums, the Game changer is obsolete then.
    I mostly use my 6s on R6 but from time. To time I like to explore the other plates. R4 also works great. But ymmv...
    And the head is less bulky than it looks like.

    If you like the Look of the Rockwell get it.

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  3. Reading all the different thread discussions on the Rockwell it seems to fall between two camps, those that like a mild shave, find it efficient, and rave about it, and those that find it too mild even on plate 6.

    Whilst I kind of fall into the second group i also think it's the best razor out there for shaving your neck without irritation. Especially if you ride the cap. For that it is perfect. The thing I struggle with is the heavy stubble at the corners of my mouth and under the jaw line. If Rockwell issued a 7 / 8 plate it would probably be my perfect razor.

    The Gamechanger - both the .68 and the .84 plate is very mild. I think because of the blade exposure. Not as mild as the Mamba, but still very much so. It's a very nice razor, but for me just misses the wow factor.

    I think I would personally jump to the Rockwell despite my reservations.

    If you have a light beard and like mild razors then you would probably like either razor equally. If you prefer something more efficient, then I would suggest looking at the Muhle Rocca. It behaves like a Rockwell plate 7/8 might. Almost as good on the neck but much more efficient over all.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. I ended up going with a .84 Game Changer with the radio handle as I eventually found a supplier with some in stock here in Australia. Not sure if I made the right choice yet but will probably end up getting the 6s eventually regardless. Hopefully the Game Changer lives up to the positive reviews:clap:
  5. It's a great razor. You will like it I'm sure.
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  6. Rocwell is made to very tight tolerances. No adjusting blade for me.

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  7. Gratulations for your decision, but make sure you have place for the Rockwell coming soon.

    As mentioned above the Level 6 plate is still mild but very efficient. I use my Fatip Piccolo for days I want more Aggression. But the results are pretty much the same, but Rocky is a hell smoother for my skin. It's also smoother and far more efficient than a gillette super adjustable..

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  8. Could you PLEASE give a review when you get a few shaves with both. I'm 3 shaves in on my new RR GC .84 and really like it. I'm interested in hearing how the .84 compares to other quality razors
  9. I had a Rockwell 6S and also have both of the Razorock Game Changers. I had really liked the 6S with plate 3. However, after acquiring several other razors, I ended up selling it. I like 0.68 GC more than 0.84, which I found a little too aggressive. I can use it, but need to pay more attention. In fact, I am thinking about offering it here on BST when I get a chance to take pictures and list it.

    As a reference point, my current favorites are Rex on setting 2-2.5, 0.68 GC. I also love the build quality of Feather AS-D2, but sometimes find it a little milder than I like. The finish on Feather is unmatched among other razors I have.
  10. I too have both, and they are very different. The 6S is the king of smooth, and if you can get the close shave you want with any of the plates, I'd say that's the one to stay with. It is certainly my no. 1. The Game Changer is a completely different design. The 0.68 plate has 6S smoothness, but it takes more time and care to get the close result I like. The 0.84 easily gives as close a shave as any plate of the 6S, but alas, there is definitely more blade feel and the potential of nicking myself now and then. I wish there was a 0.76 plate.
  11. For me, the .84 GC is a moderate razor that can be used daily with impunity from weepers. I tend to prefer razors, however, that are moderately to very efficient/aggressive.
  12. Which Rocky Plate does the. 84 GC Match?

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  13. Ok guys..the Razorok Game Changer got delivered today (increadibly fast shipping from an awesome company). Of coarse Ive already shaved with it & am extremely happy. It certainly isnt quite as glamorous as my Timeless but you really cant expect it to be at this price point. In saying that it really is a well constructed razor with reasonable heft..I cant find any obvious machining marks & its a fantastic shaver. I was initially worried about the .84 blade gap & took the first few strokes with a brand new Astra SP blade very cautiously but its just as the reviews say..very efficient yet still very mild at the same time. Not a cut, nick or weeper in sight. In fact my neck has no irritation what so ever & I usually always get very slight irritation on the left side of my neck. Maybe slightly more aggressive razors suit me better but its still to soon to tell. So far extremely happy & cant wait for tomorrows shave:thumbup:

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  14. I like moderate to little aggressive razor. GC. 84p is good for every day DFS shaves. Since you find it efficient on Astras you might want to up the game and try bit more aggressive blades. I use Polsilver and Feathers and get good close shaves on my tough beard. When I use GSB for rare 5AM shaves, I can drive around the. 84 with impunity.
  15. @HereticHermit thanks for the advice..I have a truckload of different blades I intend to try it out with:a29:
  16. Who did you get yours through here in Oz? VSHOD?

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  17. @timah083 Yup I bought mine through VSHOD as they are the only Australian supplier I could find. They are out of the .68 version atm but still have the .84. Its the first time Ive bought from them but certainly wont be the last..their customer service was very impressive.
  18. Absolutely. I had a great experience through them too. I was hoping they’d still have some .68’s available. Bugger. But yes, I’d use them again too.

    I have both GameChanger versions and a 6c (the chrome version). I like using them all. The Rockwell is ridiculously smooth under my neck, but the GC is equal to the task. I have had a lot longer with the Rockwell though.

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  19. You say you have a Timeless - which one and how does it compare?

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