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'Razorock' vs 'Wolfman' - Lupo .95 vs ??? (Blade gap)

this is true, both lupo have more blade feel than the wr2 1.25, but I think that’s the way with the lupo as it was a wr1 knock off which has more blade feel than the wr2

both lupos love Riding the cap whereas the wr2 loves a steep angle

I reckon the 95 is on par with efficiency of the1.25.. but for me the lupos are better in the ATG pass, no so much smoothness but when I go ATG with theWR2 I get weepers every time but not with the lupos

do you go ATG with your WR2? Do you get weepers if u do?

I use a steep angle with my WR2 1.25 SB WTG, XTG & ATG + touchups without weepers or irritation. :cool:


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The Lupo is as different from a Wolfman as is a Tech different from a Feather ASD1. Just completely different razors in some aspects. I find the WR1 .80 SB slightly more efficient and with more blade feel than the Lupo .95 -at least for me. The differences are minor but apparent.

I would second that. The Wolfman WR1 .74 is substantially more efficient than the Lupo .72 even though from a number gap perspective it's very close. However, I would prefer to shave with the Lupo simply because it's so much more comfortable and carefree and, quite honestly, efficient enough.

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this is good to have confirmed by two of you.. the 1.25 is such a smooth shaver and amazing except for the weepers around my lip area when I go ATG

might just well be that when I’m this area I’m not going steep enough, will try concentrating more next shave
If I were you, I’d avoid going ATG above the lip. Maybe just some light buffing with and across the grain would get you there without weepers.

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Ok, so the lupo 95 and perhaps even the 72 have more blade feel, but...

is the wr2 1.25 more efficient than those? I get the impression that it's a smoother razor but is it more efficient? I gauge efficiency by how long my face stays smooth before I can feel the stubble. So usually 8-10 hrs with my SS Lupos... would the wr2 1.25 top that or about the same, just smoother.

And yes, I am considering a Wolfman simply because it's my nature to never be satisfied. Also, with age my skin unfortunately has become more sensitive. Perhaps the wr2 1.25 would be more forgiving on the post-shave skin feel?
Yes, I find the WR2 to be more efficient (and yet more comfortable) than the Lupo .72.
both lupos love Riding the cap whereas the wr2 loves a steep angle

Use my Lupo 72 at a steep angle riding the bar and the handle almost parallel to my skin.

Extremely smooth and an extremely close BBS that lasts!
YMMV as I will never go back to the tutorial "how to find the angle" methods again. (Lay cap on your face and slowly drop until it cuts hair)
Now I use the guard and go!
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